Friday, January 29, 2010


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Kids were enjoying this new outdoor adventure….. Hmm… should I call this 5-minutes-isolation an adventure??? LOL…. Yes! Isn’t it exciting floating on the water while inside the balloon? They called it BLOB!!! My nieces and nephew loves it! Actually 5 minutes is not enough for them, but they are not allowed to extend or else they will run-out of oxygen. And honestly, I envy them. I was jumping and pleading my sister when I saw it. But my father is giving me a scornful look and saying I’m acting like a kid. LOL…. Hmm, better luck next time when father is nor around! LOL…

My nephew, Jay, feeling the air as it fills the balloon

Excitedly crawling inside the balloon

The twins, reaching out

The three kids inside their isolation balloon

Post Pouch

Chic and classy – that’s how I describe the mailbox shown in the picture. Yes, you read it right it’s a MAILBOX! At first, I thought it’s a figurine. To my amazement my jaws drop when I learned it’s a mailbox. (LOL) I’ve never seen like this before! Bravo to whoever designed this cute Dea’s Garden Pouch Mailbox. I bet this would be a trend to those fashionable chics out there. (LOL)…

The stylish mailbox is actually from mailboxixchange. They have over 2500 mailboxes you can choose from which best suited to your personality, outdoor design or your taste of fashion. You can choose wall mount mailbox or post mount mailbox. Designs vary from elegant, classic, gothic, chic, or modern. The choice is yours!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Purpose Driven Life

Although waking up early is difficult for me, I still volunteered to cook for our breakfast starting last January 18. My father, who cooks for us, is getting older. Although he did not admit to us, I can sense that he is getting weaker. I know he loves to cook for us, but I think it’s high time to repay his service to us; it’s my time to serve him in return. Besides, like my father, I also love to cook.

Waking up early gives me the feeling of being matured and responsible and I am feeling closer to God. I decided to have a 40 day journey to a new me – that is searching my purpose here on earth. Using the book “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren I hope I’ll be able to understand the meaning of my life and able to answer “Why on earth am I here for?”

Hopefully this time, I’ll be able to finish the book. Because the last time I read it, I was only up to 7th day. (Sigh..)

But congratulate me because I am now on my 9th day…..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Go for $1000+

Excited and nervous – this is what I feel when I withdrew my money from my paypal account. It’s my first time and I do not know if this online banking really works. But I do hope it will!

For 6 months I was able to earn a total of $104.00. This is actually too small compare to some of the bloggers. Confidently this year, it will increase by $1000 (LOL)… that is if I’ll have a good internet connection, then there will be no more missed opps!!!

Since my target earning is quiet big might as well register to other buy blog links networks.

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