I want to blog... blog... and blog

A weird title indeed. But I just want to write not worrying about the number of words that I will write, the content that supposed to serve a purpose to my readers, or worrying if I will ever earn money from my blog.

I just want to write expressing my thoughts. That's what I truly miss about blogging.... hence, here I am for a very long time, writing a blog post that I honestly do not know how to end.

Or maybe I'll stop here.....

But wait...

I realized that I am more excited about writing this way rather than writing a very well planned blog post. I am more of me!

And I guess I'll make it habit of coming back here again and do one blog post a day to express my thoughts that have been inside my brain and in my heart that has been crying, yearning to reveal what is in the deepest core of my being.

The hiatus ended and so I welcome myself back to blogging.


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