Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Art is my way of getting rid from boredom. With art I’m even more productive. It inspires me, and somewhat boost my energy to do other things. So during the time when I’m seeking for job I created this master piece which I do not know the right art term for this, but it’s a paint-like art using melted crayons instead. Hope you like it!




Million  Dollar


Birds of Paradise


A Poem for Him

...... let me tell  you I love you
            so that I can totally let go you.
...... let me tell you I miss you
            so that I can totally forget you.
...... let me tell  you I care for you
            so that I can let  go my feelings.
......  let me tell you I'm sorry
            so that I can fully forgive you.

Will I Ever

Will I ever enter the

         paradise called love,

when my heart could only

         fly as low as the dove.

Could Mr. Cupid formulate

        an enduring love potion,

for my foolish heart

       that is lack of emotion?

Will I ever experience the joy

        to love and being loved?

As what my dear mother

        always wish me to have.



Now that you have my friend

    I'll bury  my love for you

        With the bittersweet memories

             Hoping may it rest in peace.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Love that was Left Untold

A love that was left untold,

     that  grows so cold,

           burn in to ashes,

               blown by the wind

                     A time to say goodbye forevermore.



Monday, February 23, 2009

Spices of My Life

What makes life beautiful? It isn't just winning but how you won the battle. It isn't just the happy moments but also the woes & downs we experienced.

It isn't just the awards but also the failures...

So, no matter how bumpy the road is, or how many turns and crossings it has, as long as you learn to appreciate every details of it then you'll also learn to appreciate the beauty of life - that's what I called the SPICES OF MY LIFE.


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