Thursday, December 8, 2016

Public Adjusters are a Huge Asset to Claimants

Recently, my basement flooded during a substantial rain storm. I was fortunate to have the foresight to protect my valuables. Though, the structure still suffered significant damage. A flooded basement should be cleaned out promptly to prevent mold buildup. I had what I thought was ample flood insurance coverage So, I gave my insurance company a call.

My insurer sent out an adjuster to look at my basement. He surveyed the situation. I was surprised when I got my settlement offer, and not in a good way. It was far below my expectations. I had neighbors with fewer issues who got a larger settlement. This was confusing since the insurance company sent an adjuster who is a professional at assessing the damage.

Who's on my side?

After that, I was suspicious. I did some research and found out a couple of things about flood insurance. The person I dealt with was an independent adjuster who worked directly for the insurance company. This made me feel alone in my insurance claim process. You would expect your insurance company to help you as best as they can. It is a business, though, so they gave me a lowball offer.

Someone has my back 

During my research, I found out about public claims adjusters. They're the alternative to independents. Public adjusters provide the claimant with a lot of benefits. This primarily lies in representing the claimant, not the insurance company. Thanks to this, the claimant knows they're getting the best deal possible.


I was apprehensive about the cost of a public adjuster, but the one I chose through United States Adjusters only charged me a percentage of my settlement. The sum he achieved was so much higher than my original offer he actually ended up paying for himself and more. It was a win-win scenario.

How did he do it?

I asked how he got such a better deal than I could get. His reasoning was simple. He had worked in the insurance industry for years before switching to becoming a public adjuster. He understands all the tricks of the trade insurance companies use. There's no way I could've gotten myself this kind of settlement without spending countless hours on research.

If you ever have home damage and have to file a claim, I definitely recommend hiring a public claims adjuster. They almost always get a better settlement. My new basement is the proof.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Ways To Dress Up Your Home With Old Items

Before you throw away that old shirt, you may want to consider what you can do to recycle it and make it useful again. You can dress up your home and give it a touch of your own personality by using the old items you find around the house. You are also helping the environment by putting less garbage into landfills and reusing old items.

Window Picture Frames

One of the best ways to reuse old windows is to turn them into picture frames and hang them around your house. You can get beautiful scenery images online and put them into each segment of the frame to get an artistic effect. If you have some larger walls to cover, then you can do the same thing with old wooden door frames as well. 

Make Your Own Curtains

Remember earlier when we told you to keep that old shirt instead of throwing it out? One of the things you can do with that shirt is to sew it together with other shirts to create very unique curtains. You can also use old blankets and bed coverings to create curtains unlike anything anyone else has. You can also get creative with your sewing skills to give your curtains special designs and make them really stand out.

Kitchen Items

Instead of throwing out that old dish strainer, you should reuse it in your home office as a file holder. Used vegetable cans can be cleaned and used as colorful pen holders, or mounted on the walls to be used as places to put wooden spoons and other items. Larger cans can be cleaned out and mounted on the wall with the opening facing out to create some very unique clothes hangers. You can wrap your coat around one of the cans, and then put your keys, wallet and other items inside the can for safe keeping.

Decorative Items

You can take old glass jars and fill them with multi-colored marbles or sand to get a beautiful decorating effect. You can also take old cans and spray paint them different colors and use them as vases or display containers. If you want to get even more creative, then you can spray paint an old glass jar white and decorate it with glue and glitter. Once you get started with ideas for using old items as decorative items around the home, you will be surprised to see how far your imagination takes you.

Instead of throwing items out when you are done with them, you should clean them up and save them. You never know when an old item can be recycled as something new and unique for your home.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Home Renovations Help Homeowners Enjoy an Older Space

People growing tired of their current homes have a few different options. They can look for a new home out on the market or they can try to improve their existing space. For many today, the choice is an easy one. They like their neighborhood and enjoy the comfort of their existing space. They just wish a couple things would be better. This is where renovations come into play. Many contractors today are looking at those homeowners and asking them to click now to discover just how a renovation can transform a home. 

Kitchen renovations help improve the existing space while also adding value to the home. Over the last 20 years, kitchens have improved by leaps and bounds. Appliances have gotten better. Counter tops have changed markedly. People now demand more space, and some people even want a second sink to do their prep work. These are reasonable requests for a person who likes to cook. Modern renovations look to add all off these things, ensuring that people can get full enjoyment out of this, the most important room in the house. Potential home buyers also value these renovations when you take your home out on the market. 

Some renovations focus extensively on the bathrooms of the home. In particular, renovations will key on the master bathroom. A bathroom doesn't have to be a place where you go to do your business. It can also be a retreat, allowing you to relax and get away for a while. Bathroom renovations typically put in new showers with all the modern features. They can sometimes put in a standalone tub that creates the perfect oasis to kick back and relax. These sorts of renovations help people enjoy their space while also ensuring that they have a room to really wow potential home buyers when those buyers come calling. 

Renovations make a lot of sense for people who love their home but wish it was a bit better. There's no need to get an entirely new home if a few fixes could make it right. More and more, people are figuring out that if they spend a little money to make the space better, they can both enjoy the new space and enjoy the increased value in the home that will come from having modern rooms that home buyers talk about upon exiting.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Spicing Up Your Life With A Well-Chosen Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is no longer a taboo subject. It is now possible to design one and get exactly as you want. Also, tattoos are socially accepted and no longer seen as a sign that the person that is tattooed will have problems with the law sooner or later.

Tattoos are much more than a picture that you draw on your skin forever. Technology evolved to the point in which designs can be quite realistic, especially when looking at 3D elements. We can make wonderful choices that we will never regret and never remove. However, this is only possible when the design is one that is particularly well-chosen.

In order to help you out, here are some things that you want to take into account when you get your tattoo. That will help you to make a really good choice.

The Meaning Of The Tattoo

This is particularly important for the first tattoo. You want it to have a strong significance for you. That is something that some people forget but you should not be among them. The first tattoo and for many all the tattoos mean something. It is not the picture that is really important. It is the meaning behind the design.

As an example, you might have went through a really tough moment in your life and recovered. In this situation most people, especially women, choose a symbol like the phoenix. Always think about what the tattoo will mean so that you can choose the one that looks best.

The Experience Of The Tattoo Artist

There are two reasons why you should only consider getting the tattoo done by someone that is really experienced:

  • Experienced tattoo artists simply make better tattoos.
  • The experienced designer is going to help you to choose the best options for you. 

So many just choose the tattoo artist based on the recommendations of friends. This is not a good idea. What you want to do is find a tattoo artist that is perfect for you. The very best artist in the region might not be that great for your personal choices. That is something that you want to keep in the back of your mind at all times. Choosing the best tattoo artist is something that will take time.

Tattoo Size And Placement

Always think about these two factors when you choose your new tattoo. When referring to the size, you want to think about costs and how important the tattoo is for you. Many want to make a statement and make it really large. Others simply want a tattoo that is small and that only they see.
When thinking about placement, this can be a symbol in itself. Focus on whether you want others to see it and whether you want to see it every day. Everything is highly subjective but the choices will have a huge influence on how happy you will be with the tattoo that you get. Take as much time as you need in order to be 100% sure that you choose the right placement and size.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Should I Wear Make-up?

I never wear make-up ever since I started working. The company where I worked before prohibited us since we are manufacturing electronic parts. Make-up can possibly bring particles inside the plant that may cause the malfunction of tiny products. We were even restricted to use soap and feminine wash that contains talc.
When I transferred to different company my colleagues get notice of my too bland look. They even commented and suggested that I should wear make-up. But this is me. I’m use with my make-up less face. Besides I don’t like putting make-up. Make-up makes me feel like my lips are swelling and my whole face sagging. Haha…

Sometimes I’m tempted to put a light make-up just to add color to my dull face. But at the end I will just remove it. I only use powder and a colored lip balm.
(Photo grabbed from Google)


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