Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvest Time!

Some of the rambutan fruits at our backyard are already ripe. I do not know why not all fruits matured at the same time. Maybe the climate change has something to do on it. Anyway if you’ll look in the brighter side, we will be enjoying the fruit not just in one sitting this means that will be looking forward for more harvests on the following month, by November and December perhaps.

My father harvesting rambutan fruits

My parents decided to harvest the ripe fruits. And share it with my sister-in-law’s parents (how do you call that relationship?) who came along from Surigao (a 12 hours travel to Davao) and share some to our neighbors especially those kids who keep on coming and asked for rambutan which was still green at that time.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to Work

My vacation ended today! I was absent and isolated for a couple of week due to chickenpox. My face were already clear from lesions except for the scars that hopefully I can find remedy to get rid from it and my body has still lesions which are still itchy but already dried up.

Although I despised my job (LOL) I’m still looking forward to return to my work. There’s the feeling that I miss my colleagues and my work. But to be honest, I love to stay at home and do online job here especially that mama had already retired. It’s just that I cannot rely to my income on my online job since I don’t get good internet connection at home.

God Bless will bless me!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

webhostinggeeks.com: An Answer to Your Needs on Web Hosting

Our company is planning to make a new website. It’s my task now to look for the best web host. I know there are hundreds of web hosting sites to select from. And it’s not a joke to look for the best one that is affordable or even free web hosting without sacrificing the quality of the service. Good thing I stumbled in the webhostinggeeks.com. They have this list of Top 10 Web Hosting — Best Web Hosts (2009). They also have varied lists of Best Budget Web Hosting (2009), Best Blog Web Hosting 2009, Top Eco-Friendly Web Hosts, Dedicated Server Hosting - Best 10 Dedicated Server and a lot more.

Of course the number one on the list (of Top 10 Web Hosting) is the best one, there’s no doubt about it. But with all the other lists provided, I think I would have the hard time looking for one that suited our needs. Thus, extensive research about it should be done. Thanks God! Because webhostinggeeks.com provided me the answers. They have blogs and articles that are really a big help in understanding web hosting. Here are some sample of the title of the articles that perhaps will interest you: Introduction to Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting Guide and How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service.

And guess what? As I read, scroll and browse the website I found that webhosting can also be a source of income. Surprising, isn’t it? Now I have to read about it because I’m really looking for a way of earning extra money through online.

Oohhh!! I almost forgot my task. Anyway I already have an idea what to choose but of course I need to present it to the group.

Close Encounter with the Bee

Two poor bees... Tired of buzzing perhaps.

When I put on the light of my parents room I was surprised with the bees buzzing around the light. Now I know where the strange noise coming. We do not know where it came from but I’m pretty sure their haven was disturbed.

Of course my parents could not share their room with these stingy creatures or else they’ll wake up by morning with all the swell on their body. So what we did is put off all the light except in the terrace and open the door for them to transfer out. Good thing it works!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dinner with My Nieces

My parents will not sleep in our house tonight: Mama will join the group (her previous co-worker) in a seminar held in the Paradise Island and Tatay will spend the night at the farm. Anyway I can already manage. I’m feeling so well right now except for the itchy little thing that sprouted on my body and my face.

My nieces pitied me a lot that they joined me in my dinner so I cooked them with beef loaves and bought them 1 liter of Royal. So we are like having feast in our house. Oh I really love these kids!

I’m just worried because I know Chicken Pox is contagious. But they were not afraid of me. I even asked permission to my sister if it’s okay with her. And I got her approval. I just see to it that we do not have physical contact and they should be at least one meter apart from them.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chickenpox (4)

Feeling better today. At least my body stops aching. Some boils are already breaking, other are starting to dry. But it’s prickly, but I cannot scratch it because it will only leave a big scar according to those who have experienced chickenpox.

On the brighter side, I feel so lucky because I have parents who really take good care of me. My, mother who had retired recently, became my instant nurse. She was the one who bring foods for me since I was isolated in my room. My father on the other hand is my doctor. He was the one I consulted every time I notice something different on my body/health condition. They both provided me with my needs inside my isolation room. Thanks a lot tatay and mama!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chicken Pox (3)

I haven’t sleep well last night, my temperature rises and my whole body was aching, like every bone of it was breaking. I cannot stand well nor sit; I have to lie down and I don’t know what will be my position because it’s aching.

I was horrified when I saw my face in the mirror. Oh God, boils were budding on my face.

I was just sleeping and lying down the whole day.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Diagnosis

Exactly 8:00 a.m. when I reached Carmen Terminal. I still decided to join the group (it’s a seminar in a beach resort!!!! You see?) although not feeling well and a little bit worried about the boils in my body. Actually, I noticed this morning that more boils are developing on my body, but I’m conditioning my mind that it’s not chicken pox .

But I was alarmed when I saw my face on my pocket mirror. I really regret of not consulting the doctor yesterday and I do not have enough time to do so. Besides I don't want to ruin the mood of the group by saying I will just follow. Anyway the company doctor will be with us in the seminar. But I know I’m taking the risk. What if it’s chicken pox?

Good thing my companion texted me that they are leaving the office around 10:00 am, so I decided to consult our family doctor first while waiting for them.

And my prognosis was right. Dr. Lu diagnosed me with Chicken pox….

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Boil On My Body

It’s holiday today! I do not care why the President declared it as holiday. For me holiday is a great day!!! LOL….

But honestly I have to report to the office today. We have to ready our things needed for the seminar tomorrow. And I’m excited about it since it will be held in a beach resort in the Island Garden City of Samal. And it’s a five-day live-in seminar!

But my body was not cooperating with my excitement. My whole body was aching; I’m shivering although I do not have a fever. And I also noticed a bean size thin-walled boil on my body. The first thing that comes into my mind is chicken pox. But when my father inspected it he told me that it’s a “talipaso.” I’m relieved at least I can still join the seminar.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pics During Mama's 65th Birthday

Hey guys!!! take a peek on my mama's pic during her 65th birthday celebration. Enjoy!!!

  • Mama with her former students, her first batch of students in her first year of teaching at Notre Dame of Esperanza, Cotabato, way back in 1965. Two of her students came all the way from Manila, others from Zamboanga, Cotabato, Butuan, and Davao, just to attend my Mom's birthday.

That is how special my mom to them. They even have goal to have a reunion, their 5oth reunion - GOING FOR GOLD!!!

  • 65 candles formed into number 65 - age of my mom. It was a dramatic experience for my mama, and of course for all of us. It's symolizes the 65 years of her very colorful life that brings light to others.

  • Her testimonial party started with a mass. And the celebrant is her former highschool students, Rev. Fr. Joseph Villarin. My mom was his inspiration and instrument to his priesthood.

  • Mama was teary eyed when she entered the hall, where the party was held. It was a dream come true to her: the mass officiated by her former student and the beach setting through the backdrop (well, due to budget and time constraints instead of the holding the party in a beach, the organizer bring the beach inside the venue.... Thanks to the organizers!).

Take a closer look at the mermaid, it's my mom!!!
The most daring picture of her i have seen (LOL).
Ma, congratulations!!!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us!


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