Monday, November 30, 2009

Employee Monitoring Software

One big issue we encountered in our office is controlling the employees from using the internet in a correct way. The number one problem when it comes to internet usage is chatting during working hours. Our office does not restrict the employees in chatting since some communications are sent through it. But it seems some of usare using it beyond the limitation.

Second to chatting is surfing social networks – the fastest way of reaching out friends. Oftentimes, these sites distracts the employees from concentrating in doing their jobs leading to a more back jobs.

The MIS office is now planning to purchase an employee monitoring software offered by It is a software wherein the administrator can supervise what the computer user is doing – whether surfing the net, chatting, or just encoding in a word pad. With this software, the users are aware that they cannot use the internet in personal purposes making them more disciplined in the usage of the internet.

If you’re facing the same issue with your employees, I suggest you visit and watch the video tutorial to learn more how the employee monitoring works.

Adorable Mailboxes

Looking for adorable and durable mailboxes? I found this site which sells designers choice mailboxes – from a very simple design, wall mount mailbox, antic-looking mailboxes, to modern designs. They install for residential or for groups like in a condominium wherein mailboxes for all tenants is located in one place.

I myself wanted to purchase one for our house. You know, where having problems with the incoming mails and letters. It is always delayed since according to the mailman, no one is in our house when he delivers letters and we don’t have our own mailbox for him to leave the mails. Imagine, our Reader’s Digest NOVEMBER issue just arrived yesterday.

Looking for the “Enter” Key in the Typewriter

My boss instructed me to TYPE some words in a document she received from other agencies. Note the word “TYPE,” I’m referring to type written as in using the old typewriter. Back in my mind it could be computerized by applying some techniques of scanning and adding text to it… But as per instruction… I have to follow.

I am not use to it. It feels awkward pressing the keys. Remember there is no backspace and delete keys in the typewriter, so I have to be very careful. And guess what it took me more than a minute looking for an “enter” key! LOL….

Of course there is no “enter” key! LOL…..

To enter, or move the paper up just push the lever sideward/inward.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Personalize Number Plates

Now I understood the importance of having a special identity… for vehicles…

We were in the mall last Sunday. I was separated from the group (my family) because I have to pick-up my order (apparels) for my small business. I went back to the mall’s parking area where my sister’s car was parking. I don’t mind her car’s number plate since I can easily recognize it. Actually I tried to memorize it…. But I’m very poor in memorization(LOL).

I was faced with the problem when I saw at least five cars that were the same with my sister’s car. I tried to contact them, but my phone’s battery is already emptied. I have only one option left, to peek on the tinted mirrors of the car. When I was doing this I was a bit nervous because somebody might caught me and interpreted it wrong. Good thing I found it easily.

Now I see the importance of memorizing the number plates. But I think it’s easier to memorize the number plate if it’s something related to the owner, or something that is significant to the owner.

Personalizing number plates doesn’t only give the owner the feeling of recognized identity but also assures that it can simply be remembered.


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