Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Love Pink!

Pink – is our motif for this Christmas 2010. Everybody participated except for my brother in-law who thought that we’ll wear the usual red, my uncle – a surprise visitor, and me nephew who forgot his pink shirt at their home. Anyway whatever color of the dress we wore that night doesn’t matter.


My parents with my uncle



My sister Jeia surely miss this event



Picture taking by family

DSC01039  DSC01047 DSC01067DSC01044DSC01043


The Super excited kids under the Christmas tree



Gift giving

DSC01116 DSC01152DSC01119 



Exuberating with happiness while playing DSC01163

Monday, December 27, 2010


Design When it comes to marketing a product, advertising through text or words is not as attractive as ads with photos or graphics. Because most of us are visual; we tend to recognize the picture first then read what the picture want to relay. Sometimes graphics alone speaks to what it wants to address to the people. That’s why if you observe all [or if not all at least 99% of the] products has its own logo.

Logo designing is in demand online job nowadays. Website owner are also making its trademark through logo. For blogger a logo or simply called a button is also displayed and used for exchanging links to co-blogger. In this way they will be able to attract readers or visitors of their website. The more attractive the logo you have the more visitors you will get.

Designing for your product or site logo can be a daunting task. You can either hire a graphic artist to do it or if you are artistic and know some graphic application, like Adobe Photoshop, you can make your personalize logo. If you are novice with graphic designing but want to make the logo by yourself then you can visit for logo design tips.



(photo: from Google)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Party, Party under Banana Trees

Quiet busy this Christmas season, preparing for the big event this Christmas and attending different parties. Anyway here’s a quick peek on our party-party under banana trees.



My nephew and nieces enjoying their lunch inside the banana plantation



It’s a tradition that my father and his partners organize party for  their laborers. Just a simple preparation.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tiangge: A Christmas Bazaar For-a-Cause

Tiangge Proud to say... Uhhmmm... I designed the tarpauline

Our office established a Tiangge, a Christmas Bazaar for a cause. That’s why I have not posted recently. I assisted on deciding and putting prices on the items. Most of the items are pre-used or pre-loved but are still in good condition. While preparing the items, I can’t control myself but buy things that are actually super extra large for me. Well actually I have plans for these items. I got the idea of redoing of revising the dress into something that really looks and fits me well from New Dress A Day Blog of Marissa Lynch. Ohh! Speaking of dress redo, I actually made my first project. Check it out in my craft blog.

Making fun with the dresses. We modeled for it, unfortunately the photographer only captured the dresses. LOL

Big Dress

I bought this super extra large dress. i already know what to do with this cute dress. LOL

Kasuotan Dress

Look! It’s Kasuotan


On the second day of Bazaar, my fashionista boss brought her pre-loved items: jewelries, dress, shoes, and bags prizes ranges from a Php 5.00 to Php 1,000. The most expensive that I’m referring is the DM’s shoes. I think the prize is reasonable.

And bought this pair of sandal for my mom. I know she’ll love this.brown Sandal

Her items were actually the most awaited in the bazaar. For we know her as super trendy and sophisticated.

The bazaar will run till December 22….. More cool items are coming. And I’m out of my budget.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pre-Christmas Celebration

Christmas is also our family reunion. And everybody is looking forward to this big day. As mentioned in my previous post, we had pre-Christmas celebration last November 29.

The kids were busy decorating the Christmas tree. Before I was hands-on with decorating and a little selfish (…LOL…) because I want to decorate the house all by myself. As I grow older I realized doing such as activity is merrier when everybody is participating. My role now? I am officially their photographer.

Christmas Decorating

Angel Decorating Decorating

Baby, Hannah was so eager to do her part…… throwing the balls. LOL..

Christmas Tree

After lunch, mama facilitated the drawing of names for the exchange gifts. We started the exchanging gift last year. Kids are given budget to buy gifts for their manito. The purpose of this is to teach them the value of giving.

Drawing of Names

Supposed to be it’s a secret, but these young ladies can’t keep it. Too excited perhaps. LOL


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Preparation

25days to go and it’s Christmas! The most awaited season especially the kids. And I’m super excited. We actually have the pre-Christmas celebration last November 29. My siblings and some of their children went home to put the Christmas trimmings. It’s like a feast, some are busy preparing the foods others are decorating our home. Then after the sumptuous lunch we draw lots the names for exchanging gifts for this Christmas.

After that, we planned for the Christmas party. Aside from the exchange gift we’re planning to buy extra gifts for the unexpected visitors. Giveaways and prices for the parlor games are also in our list. I think we’ll going to shop at Chinatown where there are lots of good stuffs that are very cheap. Plus we can lessen if we’ll buy China wholesale.

Back to exchange gifts, I’m a little bit confuse what to give to my led watch manito – my 19 year old nephew. I’m thinking of T-shirt but it seems too common. I know, like other teenagers, he would love gadgets. Mobile phone is too expensive maybe a digital watch would do. I’m eyeing this cute and neat black LED watch at The price is just enough for my budget.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

L'Oreal for My Dry Wavy hair

Dry hair Bad hair day as usual… (sigh). I cannot understand my hair. I already take a super extra care of it: hot oil every weekend and intense conditioning every day. But it’s still unmanageable no matter how I comb it. Even hair cuticle coat won’t work.

Straightening it is one of the solutions. My sister prohibited me from doing so because it may damage my hair. But I know with hair experts my hair would be taken care and will look healthier.

I don’t loathe my wavy hair. I love it! It’s just that sometimes I look like I didn’t comb my hair at all; dry and unmanageable! I think I need to apply hair cream to make it look healthier. Loreal professional have many hair products that I wanted to try. I’ve seen Anne Curtis promotion of L'Oreal shampoo and I simply adore her rich and healthy wavy hair.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Epilin Experience

I have scary hairy legs. LOL… I hate the thick curly bush of hair growing in lower portion of my legs. It’s the reason why I don’t wear shorts. My boyfriend even teased me that my legs are manlier than him.

I tried different cream hair remover but it doesn’t really work to me after a week it will only grow back. Shave is also the same. Worst is when it grows back it’s really itchy leaving marks of scratch in my legs. I also tried pulling it individually. The tingly pain is bearable yet it took me longer to pull the “weeds” in my legs. LOL…. Of all the three, cream remover is the easiest and best temporary solution.

Often I would think of have it permanently removing it through laser. But I know it’s super expensive. Besides I’ve seen in TV the result of failed treatment making the legs of the victim scarier than having a hairy leg. It was permanently damage.

I read from an article in the Star newspaper about Epilin as an effective remover of hair. It will weaken the root and eventually prevent hair from growing…. So I try! But never succeeded to my mission…


Heating the Epilin. I thought it’s like a wax, but it’s actually hard..


Yummy honey!? No.. it’s the Epilin cooling it to a bearable temperature.


Spreading it unto my legs. About 1" x 3". Waiting for 10 minutes or until the Epilin dries.

My hair was already trimmed to easily pull the hair.

Ready for stripping!!!! Ouch!!! (I have no picture of it.) I was screaming and screaming while pulling the hardened Epilin. And my niece was curious and tried to pull it without noticing her. And I screamed at the top of my lungs… Ooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccchhhh!

I can’t bear the pain anymore so I stopped. Maybe I’ll continue doing it. When I’m alone.


See the hair? No not the hair on my skin. But the hair stuck on the hardened Epilin.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting College Degree

graduate These days, looking for high paying job is distressing. Employers are becoming too demanding with the qualifications of the applicants, especially educational background of the applicant. To stand out with other applicants, it’s good if you have college degree and better if you have graduates degree earned from reputable schools.

If you’re planning to get a college or graduate degree know first the school rankings. School is also one of the factors that the employers are looking from the applicants. For those who are interested to study in US you can see the list of top graduate school at

(Photo from Google)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting Your Own Domain and Self-Hosted Blog

Blogging - not just as an online diary or for entertainment, it is also known as way of earning money online through writing articles or creating a review of certain product or website. But getting opportunities are really tough. With the million bloggers out there, one should create a blog that should stand out or at least own a blog with high page rank. But having high page rank is not yet enough to get opportunities from advertisers. Most advertisers prefer blogs or sites that are self-hosted and have its own domain.

For blogger or blogspot user, you can have a costume domain name which you can purchase from the blogger site itself. This is the easiest way of acquiring your own domain name because they will do all the technical needs of the transition of your old URL to your new domain name. Blogger will still host your site for free. But if you opt to purchase domain and host from other web hosting sites I suggest you do the research first and read webhosting reviews. So you have an idea of what you are getting into.

It is expected that when you have your new domain name your page rank will go back to zero. So it’s important to update your followers and friends on your links about your new URL

Seek for Debt Advice

Personally I do not borrow money from lending companies or banks because I’m afraid I cannot pay it. But there are incidents that are beyond our expectations that acquiring loans are needed. When we are in financial crisis we don’t have choice but to borrow.

Before this happens, it’s better if you have knowledge of loan acquisition. Seek for debt advice though professionals at  in order that you know what lending companies offer low interest rate, your capacity of owing and paying debt, etc. This is advantageous; when you are well-informed you can manage your money and payment well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Greeting E-card from Sulit

I’m an avid member and follower of It’s actually an online market where business minded individual gathers to buy and sell. There are also members who promote different legit sites to earn online. has greatly influenced me in many ways. The exchange business ideas in their forum gave me a lot of ideas. The success stories of different sulitizens (member or sulit), inspired me to continue my endeavor on online earnings.

Truly, this year is a prosperous year to all sulitizens. wishes a blessed Christmas to all Sulitizens. Merry Christmas ka-sulit!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Online Forum

Joining forums is another way of entertaining yourself and getting a lot of ideas. Aside from entertainment some forum sites pays you for joining and giving comments on the discussions. It’s actually one of the things that keep me busy these days. I’m trying to earn some bucks ‘coz I badly needed money.

I do not know how legitimate the site is. But whether it really pays or not, I still don’t have any regrets in joining the site because I learned a lot especially webmaster forum that discusses online marketing and online earnings topics.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How “Tao Chi” Got His Name

cheeky We owned a Japanese Peach dog before. It’s our first time to own a purchase dog. Usually we had an “askal’ breed dog given by friends. To my mom, buying a puppy is already a luxury. But she can’t say no because it was my brother who bought it.

We were confused at first what to name on the puppy. We were thinking of different Japanese Dog Names that time and finally named it “Tao Chi” which sounds more like Chinese. LOL…

How she got her name?

“Tao” is from the word THOUsand because Tao Chi cost more than a thousand. And to make it sound like Japanese (that turned out to be like Chinese) we added the “Chi”. LOL….


Hmmmm…. This made me miss her and Cheeky….

Contact Lenses

I was complaining of headaches recently. I think this is due to almost eight hours of working in front of the computer. My colleague is suggesting that I should wear eyeglasses. But I don’t think eyeglasses looks good on me. I tried my mom’s eyeglasses once and I hate the way I look. I look like 10 years older than my age. Beside I have teeth braces right now and I may look like Betty la Fea. LOL….


I prefer wearing contact lenses. I envy my colleague every time I look at her sparkling contact lenses on her eyes. It can really enhance beauty. If I’ll purchase, I’m still in thinking whether I choose natural color or try the different colors. If I have lots of money then maybe I’ll invest to different colors offered by farbige Kontaktlinsen to match my dresses and moods. But ya, I know spending for different contact lenses is just a luxury, unless I need it for my acting career… By the way I’m not an actress. I’m just a simple lady, the girl next door who only needs one pair of contact lenses.LOL....

(Photo from Google)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Directory

I really have to work hard for my two blogs. The page ranks of these blogs already reached PR 2 and 3 unfortunately I was so busy last summer that I haven’t maintained it and it dropped back to zero. Now, I have difficulty in gaining higher page rank for both blogs.

I have read from an article that submitting blog to blog directory is one way to connect with different bloggers with the same interest as yours. They might give me a positive blog review for my sites and hopefully will help me to increase my traffic.

Monday, November 8, 2010

General Cleaning

This is the day!

I’m done with my projects; finally semester ends. I now have time with my room which needs cleaning – GENERAL CLEANING I must say. It was planned a long time ago but I was not able to do it because of my projects.

Right after the mass, I washed the curtains and beddings. Although I’m pretty tired after washing the files of laundry, but I decided to continue as what I planned for that day after seeing all the mess, cab webs, and dusts inside our room. We emptied the room; vacate all things in another room. We sort the things left by my cousins and niece who stayed with us during their college days and left files of papers and cloths. I don’t know if it’s worth keeping. All I can see are garbage being kept on our cabinet which became the habitat of some pests. These pests are actually invading our room!

I can see lots of eggs of cockroaches and traces of termites attack in our flooring and walls. In no time, these termites may succeed their invasion. LOL…. I sprayed insecticide inside our cabinets and all over the room. Good thing our rustic bedroom furniture is made of hardwood that was built to last.

Honestly I’m tired my feet as well as my back ache. I have to continue cleaning it tomorrow. Meantime we’ll be sleeping in my parent’s room, besides I hate the smell of insecticides.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Just droppin to say... "YAHOOOO!!!! I'm done with my project!" Hahaha...

I miss this blog... and I miss you guys... :-(

Thanks for keeping this blog alive through your visit.... Mwuaaaaahhhh.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Need a Watch….

Fossil Watch1Quiker8 Blog Contest Prizes

Yes I need a watch… I almost buy a watch deal by a colleague of mine. But when I learned the price I almost fainted. Hahaha… I may sound exaggerated but honestly my hands are shaking when I hold it. And good thing I said NO although I honestly love it. And I’m lucky I found the blog contest of quicker8 and it’s giving two Fossil Ladies watches and one Kate Spade Kikay Kit. Ohhh… it reminds me of a Fossil watch deal by my housemate back in Laguna two years ago which I neglected and regretted until now.

I’m trying my luck in this contest. Hopefully I’ll win… Seriously, I need it….

Monitoring Your Kids’ Internet Usage

Life without internet is difficult. Well I admit I’m a slave of internet. That’s why I’m begging to all internet providers to please improve the internet speed and capacity at our area. If they only knew the number of customers they can get from our area then they’d probably be speeding up to our place.

My sister and I are planning to subscribe for internet connection. Her children need it especially in researching. You know we are living in an  e-Generation and library seems a strange place to many.

Speaking of internet usage at home, there are many things that needs to consider and agreed between the children and the parent, for example duration of usage of internet and sites that are forbidden. Well we can block sites but admit it kids now a day are wiser and can still manage to visit sites that are blocked. That’s why as parent, you need to closely monitor your kids’ activity in the internet. It doesn’t mean you have to be there, you only need a device to help you monitor the activities done in the computer just like a key logger. All you need is install the software that has the ability to capture the activities done in a certain computer without the knowledge of your kids that he’s being monitored. The device can capture up to 10, 0000 screenshots down to intervals of every 3 seconds. For more information about this device and search for more techy gadgets you can visit www.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Pause….

Time flies so fast. Gosh, October almost ends and I almost forgot about projects that need to be submitted. Blame it to the internet! LOL… Aiming $500 dollars earning before 2010 ends is quiet hard to do. Earnings from PTCs and blogging cannot suffice it. I need to look for other online revenues. But first I have to finish all the projects.

1. At least I’m done with my project in MIS. I do not know if my propose design for LAN in our office is okay. But since all links, in green indicators, are working, and sending messages are successful, then I assume its okay. LOL…. Hmmm… I’m not expert…. I’m novice in this field, but maybe I’ll share how to configure the router, ‘coz honestly I had the hard time looking for tutorial in the internet, so I think it would be a great help to those aspiring network designer or to the IT students.

LAN Using Packet Tracer My propose LAN using Packet Tracer

2. Deadline of my project in MIS is supposed to be this Saturday. Thanks God our instructor moved it to November 6. I only finished 5% percent of the project. Haaay!!

3. Our propose information system project for database is almost done. Thanks to my teammate who do the technical thing. I honestly do not know how to program, the only thing that I can do in programming is running the “Hello world!!!” thing…. LOL…

Anyways, I’ll be pausing from my blogging thing for a moment because I need to finish it before the month ends. I’m just here to peek and post coz I also miss blogging…

Monday, October 11, 2010


…. and probably 10:10 in the evening when our beloved Cheeky, our pet dog,  passed away. I could not say any other words but I’d like to thank him for giving us a unique kind of friendship and joy  that we could never forget. May his soul rest in peace.

We will miss you Cheeky… Send our regards to Taochi and Bugoy… 

Cheeky Cheeky with my sister, Jeia

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion with Nurse Scrubs

Nurses has come into its fashion sense when they tried and explore other colors for nursing scrubs. Before we can only see plane white scrubs. Perhaps they got bored with it and tried other colors that suits there area of assignment or just for fun and fashion. I asked my boyfriend, a nurse, if whether there is a color coding in the hospital because I can see nurses wearing scrubs in different color. He told me that color has nothing to do with area of assignment. It’s up to the hospital if they required a specific uniform for a certain area. For example, nurses who are assigned in pediatrics usually wear printed scrub tops that are colorful and childish in a sense.



Photos from Blue Sky Scrubs


You can buy these scrubs in different colors in mall. Usually the printed one, pink, blue and white. If you’re tired with these colors you can visit blue sky scrubs that offers over fifteen different solid colors such as chocolate, lilac and navy blue, to name just a few. They also sell printed caps that you can hardly tell it’s used as part of nurse uniform. The colors and designs of fabrics are neat, classy and fashionable.

Personally, I’m eyeing with the navy blue scrub set for my boyfriend. I know the color fits well with his skin complexion.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


After my woes expressed through my previous post I think it’s time to get up and celebrate life. There are many things that need to celebrate. “Count your blessings” as the old adage says. But there are two major major things that I would like to celebrate today.

First, my mother finally has her own blog site, “Living A Life of Abundance”. I’ve been telling her countless times of creating her own blog. I know it would really be a great way for her to enjoy her idle time at home since she’s now retired. Now, she’s exuberant about her blog and hopefully become addicted like me. LOL…

Another thing to celebrate is that I got my first pay out from clixsense. I’m very much thankful to my clixsense team for giving me three referrals in less than a month. Thanks team!

Clixsense Payment_thumb[7]

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bored. Lifeless. Dull

Overwhelmed Office Worker She’s sitting on her old gray swivel chair. Staring blankly on the black monitor of her computer. Piles are towering on her dreary table. Not touching any single documents.

As usual her long wavy hair is dry, frizzy, and unmanageable; in either in ponytail or half-moon style. The familiar lifeless face… with trace of not having a good night sleep; eye bags puffing. Skin so pale, wearing only powder and light pink lipstick; you can hardly tell she puts lipstick.

She smiles, yet the windows of her soul, her pair of sad eye, speaks clearly what’s inside her. I know she’s not happy. She’s confused and helpless. I hope I can help her… I’ve tried a lot of ways just to motivate her. She’s been coping from her mistakes, she had travelled a very long miles; I thought she’s okay, but her old dilemma seems coming back…

I know she’ll be okay… And I do hope the mirror I’m facing right now is just deceiving me…

(Photo from google)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Choosing Halloween Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching. I bet you are now planning what to wear on that fun and festive day. Of course you want to look fabulous coz that big event happens once a year yet you’ll be remembered all throughout the year when you wear the most spectacular dress. With the birth of social networks your pictures can easily be uploaded and published. With your stunning costume everyone would like to see it frequently especially if Halloween is approaching. And you became an instant model!

Halloween Picture grabbed from my sister’s facebook photos

Choosing what to wear on Halloween party is not easy. With the different character that you want to imitate, it could be confusing. But I suggest you think out of the box, not just imitate characters, not just wearing masks… it’s high time to showcase your sense of fashion. Mix and match dresses and accessories then you’ll eventually find the right costume for that big day. Just be creative! That’s why it’s advisable that as early as today you have to plan what Halloween costume you will wear.

But if you have no time or costumes are not really a big deal to you then you can just choose a simple Halloween costume. There are many fancy dress costumes that are fun to wear and readily available. Just use a little creativity to enhance its beauty.

Red Color: Affects Cognitive Skills

“If you are talking about wanting enhances memory for something like proof reading skills, then a red color should be used.”

This is according to Dr. Juliet Zhu of University of British Columbia who led the study on 600 people to see whether the color red affected their cognitive performance. According to the result of the study red groups did better on test of recall and attention to detail, like remembering words or checking spelling and punctuation.

Red Doll Shoes When I took the licensure exam for teachers last April 18, I wear my favorite red doll shoes, not for luck but for comfort. If the study is true then I guess it helps coz I’m not good in memorization and not an observant that sometimes I miss what the question really is. I don’t know but during the exam I am so keen with the details of every questions; making sure that I understand what it means and what it asks. Perhaps the red pair of shoe affects my cognitive skills…. or perhaps I’m destined to pass the exam. Whatever the reason is; I think my review, stored knowledge, prayer and including the red shoes sum up the key reasons why I passed the exam.

And oh! I used my favorite red bag that day too… Not for luck but just to go along with my red shoes…

red bag


P.S. Red doll shoes and red bag are from my sister Jeia


Source: Color Your World Red by Mylene Mendoza-Dayrit, Health and Family Section, the Philippine Star, September21, 2010.

Friday, September 17, 2010

My Type of Smell

organic-rose-cologneI’m not conscious of my smell when I was in high school. Mama taught us to live simply and live within our means. Besides I am not exposed to those “girl-thing necessities” since we live in a remote area. It was only when I was in college when I learned to use colognes. Peer pressure I think.

While everybody is using the expensive perfumes, I, on the other hand is using the simple sweet smell of Bench cologne or any cheap colognes. I didn’t mind wearing cheap cologne or wearing it in my entire college days as long as I smell good then there’s no big deal about my cheap smell.

As I grow older and exposed to what a girl should have, should look, should smell, I became more conscious and pickier when it comes to smell. It should be sweet and lasting; something soothing and invigorating; just like the scent of a rose - romantic and uplifting.

Although there are thousands of perfumes out there with sweet smell but nothing can beat the innate smell of a natural scent like the organic rose scent that is made 100% natural essential oils that embodies the true scent of roses.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Our Source of Joy

It’s been four years since the last time we had a baby in our house. That’s why when Hannah Grace was born last February 1 this year, everybody was super duper excited. She brings so much joy to us…. especially when she shows her toothless smile…

Hannah Grace2 Taken during her christening last August 29

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wall Clock

I was browsing the internet this morning and was struck with this question, “Have you ever owned or wanted one?” It’s about a wall clock

Since child I cannot remember a wall clock hanged in our wall. I don’t know why my parents didn’t buy. I think it’s not their priority, although there are many cheap wall clocks in the market.

Wall Clock

But I can remember once, when we were strolling in a shopping center, my father said that he wanted to purchase a wall clock. He wants the big wall clock; the antique-look whose weights and pendulums dangled and swung, and was cased inside a hardwood cabinet. The type of wall clock that is always featured in horror stories, which its ticks can be heard in the whole house no matter how big your house is. And when the hour hand strikes to 12 it will give you 12 loud signals warning you that it’s midnight and monsters are coming out. LOL...

I may be exaggerated. But if you’d ask me if I’ll agree with my father, I think I would definitely say yes. I love antiques. But I want to purchase one that is not too big. Anyway there are many modernized wall clock similar to the antique clock that my father would like to buy with size just enough for our house.


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