Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Need a Watch….

Fossil Watch1Quiker8 Blog Contest Prizes

Yes I need a watch… I almost buy a watch deal by a colleague of mine. But when I learned the price I almost fainted. Hahaha… I may sound exaggerated but honestly my hands are shaking when I hold it. And good thing I said NO although I honestly love it. And I’m lucky I found the blog contest of quicker8 and it’s giving two Fossil Ladies watches and one Kate Spade Kikay Kit. Ohhh… it reminds me of a Fossil watch deal by my housemate back in Laguna two years ago which I neglected and regretted until now.

I’m trying my luck in this contest. Hopefully I’ll win… Seriously, I need it….

Monitoring Your Kids’ Internet Usage

Life without internet is difficult. Well I admit I’m a slave of internet. That’s why I’m begging to all internet providers to please improve the internet speed and capacity at our area. If they only knew the number of customers they can get from our area then they’d probably be speeding up to our place.

My sister and I are planning to subscribe for internet connection. Her children need it especially in researching. You know we are living in an  e-Generation and library seems a strange place to many.

Speaking of internet usage at home, there are many things that needs to consider and agreed between the children and the parent, for example duration of usage of internet and sites that are forbidden. Well we can block sites but admit it kids now a day are wiser and can still manage to visit sites that are blocked. That’s why as parent, you need to closely monitor your kids’ activity in the internet. It doesn’t mean you have to be there, you only need a device to help you monitor the activities done in the computer just like a key logger. All you need is install the software that has the ability to capture the activities done in a certain computer without the knowledge of your kids that he’s being monitored. The device can capture up to 10, 0000 screenshots down to intervals of every 3 seconds. For more information about this device and search for more techy gadgets you can visit www.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Pause….

Time flies so fast. Gosh, October almost ends and I almost forgot about projects that need to be submitted. Blame it to the internet! LOL… Aiming $500 dollars earning before 2010 ends is quiet hard to do. Earnings from PTCs and blogging cannot suffice it. I need to look for other online revenues. But first I have to finish all the projects.

1. At least I’m done with my project in MIS. I do not know if my propose design for LAN in our office is okay. But since all links, in green indicators, are working, and sending messages are successful, then I assume its okay. LOL…. Hmmm… I’m not expert…. I’m novice in this field, but maybe I’ll share how to configure the router, ‘coz honestly I had the hard time looking for tutorial in the internet, so I think it would be a great help to those aspiring network designer or to the IT students.

LAN Using Packet Tracer My propose LAN using Packet Tracer

2. Deadline of my project in MIS is supposed to be this Saturday. Thanks God our instructor moved it to November 6. I only finished 5% percent of the project. Haaay!!

3. Our propose information system project for database is almost done. Thanks to my teammate who do the technical thing. I honestly do not know how to program, the only thing that I can do in programming is running the “Hello world!!!” thing…. LOL…

Anyways, I’ll be pausing from my blogging thing for a moment because I need to finish it before the month ends. I’m just here to peek and post coz I also miss blogging…

Monday, October 11, 2010


…. and probably 10:10 in the evening when our beloved Cheeky, our pet dog,  passed away. I could not say any other words but I’d like to thank him for giving us a unique kind of friendship and joy  that we could never forget. May his soul rest in peace.

We will miss you Cheeky… Send our regards to Taochi and Bugoy… 

Cheeky Cheeky with my sister, Jeia

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fashion with Nurse Scrubs

Nurses has come into its fashion sense when they tried and explore other colors for nursing scrubs. Before we can only see plane white scrubs. Perhaps they got bored with it and tried other colors that suits there area of assignment or just for fun and fashion. I asked my boyfriend, a nurse, if whether there is a color coding in the hospital because I can see nurses wearing scrubs in different color. He told me that color has nothing to do with area of assignment. It’s up to the hospital if they required a specific uniform for a certain area. For example, nurses who are assigned in pediatrics usually wear printed scrub tops that are colorful and childish in a sense.



Photos from Blue Sky Scrubs


You can buy these scrubs in different colors in mall. Usually the printed one, pink, blue and white. If you’re tired with these colors you can visit blue sky scrubs that offers over fifteen different solid colors such as chocolate, lilac and navy blue, to name just a few. They also sell printed caps that you can hardly tell it’s used as part of nurse uniform. The colors and designs of fabrics are neat, classy and fashionable.

Personally, I’m eyeing with the navy blue scrub set for my boyfriend. I know the color fits well with his skin complexion.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


After my woes expressed through my previous post I think it’s time to get up and celebrate life. There are many things that need to celebrate. “Count your blessings” as the old adage says. But there are two major major things that I would like to celebrate today.

First, my mother finally has her own blog site, “Living A Life of Abundance”. I’ve been telling her countless times of creating her own blog. I know it would really be a great way for her to enjoy her idle time at home since she’s now retired. Now, she’s exuberant about her blog and hopefully become addicted like me. LOL…

Another thing to celebrate is that I got my first pay out from clixsense. I’m very much thankful to my clixsense team for giving me three referrals in less than a month. Thanks team!

Clixsense Payment_thumb[7]


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