Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Monetizing Decision

Online jobs are flooding in the World Wide Web. They need thousands of jobseekers who can work online in full time basis. Of course you should have the knowledge and skills such as programming skills, link building, SEO, content writing, copywriting, encoding, etc. Salaries are high depending on your skills. What good about these online jobs is that you’re working right in your home; no need to rush to catch the bus, you can wear your pajamas while working, you can work either you take a bath or not (LOL…), and a lot more.

I’m considering this opportunity. But my problem is that we do not have good internet connection at home. I am planning to rent a room at the pr_dell_mini_fcity proper for me to get connected. Of course I need to get a new netbook because my mom is also using the laptop at home. I am actually  considering the Dell brand because I found a Dell discount coupon and other vouchers at savoo.co.uk which could help me purchase netbook in a lower price but with good quality and performance. But I need to read the Dell netbook review first before buying it.

Aside from the netbook that I will purchase I have to think about other expenses that I will spend: internet connection, room rental, foods, water and electric bills, etc., because I may end up receiving salary just right for the expenses. You know I need to monetize my decision.


(Photo from Dell)

Transactions with Some Government Agencies

DFA Passport Appointment System

I was scheduled to process my passport yesterday. Everything went smoothly and the whole process was fast. By the way to those who are planning to get passport have an appointment first, either you call DFA or you go to their thumbs-upoffice to set an appointment. Be sure you bring with you the necessary requirements to avoid delays. For the first timer here are the requirements: Birth Certificate (BC) in Security Paper (SECPA) issued by the National Statistics Office (NSO) or Certified True Copy (CTC) of BC issued by the Local Civil Registrar, much better if you bring both like in my case my NSO birth certificate was not clear so they ask me a copy of another Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar. Also bring at least three (3) supporting documents: photocopy of your valid ID’s, TOR, Baptismal Certificate, etc. (Actually the list of supporting documents is listed at the back of the application form.)


But I was a little bit discouraged on the encoding and picture taking process. Because the personnel assigned in that area was late. I honestly don’t know if there late coming in the office or they have just other things to attend to prior the encoding and picture taking.thumbs-up It’s almost 9:00 am when they started to clean and fix the gadgets for encoding and picture taking. We were more than 20 when they started. But in fairness to them, the process is fast.

National Statistics Office (NSO)

It’s almost 10:00 in the morning when I finished the whole transaction. And decided to get a new Birth Certificate from NSO since most of the time I needed BC. I have this dilemma before; it took me whole day to process it. I have to be in the NSO office thumbs-uparound 5:00 in the morning just to get ahead. When I arrived there was already a queue of people waiting. And I have to wait till afternoon to get my BC. But that was six (6) years ago. Yesterday it took me more or less than one (1) hour to get the BC. And one good point I see is that they already transferred into a bigger and spacious office.

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) thumbs-down

After getting my NSO BC I immediately proceeded to PRC office to get my certification for my license as professional teacher. Since there were only few people in the PRC Office I easily got my certificate. But I still have to wait till the end of this year to get my license ID card. (sigh)

thumbs-up Generally, transactions with government agencies are faster than before. In just half day I was able to transact with three government agencies… Hitting three birds with one stone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rustic Furniture

coffee table Aside from the fine weather, great foods and beautiful sceneries in Tagaytay, I also miss the rustic furniture displays along the highway. Though similar in design but you can simply say each pieces have its own characteristic that can never be duplicated, because these furniture are made from trees having its own trait in terms of texture, color, rings and form that was naturally designed by mother nature and was creatively used the craftsmen, turning it into beautiful pieces.


Seeing those rustic furniture alone made me feel relax. Perhaps because of the material that was being used making you feel closer to nature. One of the pieces that I loved most and would like to purchase is the wagon wheel bench. My grandfather has this old wagon before. Even before he died I already ask my mom about it because I really love the old wagon, it was more than half a century old but everything is still intact. The woods that were used are really that sturdy. I have seen in many gardens displaying wagon, either transforming it into chair or displaying it in a garden together with flowery plants. But when my grandfather died it was sold to my cousin. I was too late to have it. But its okay with me at least the new owner of the old wagon is my cousin. I do hope she’ll pass it over to her children.

Wagon Bench Photo Source

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

French Fries: The Banana Republic Version

I once called our place - the banana republic, because we live inside the banana plantation; we export quality [of course] banana, particularly the Cavendish.

Okay! About the French fries-banana republic version: My mom discovered a new recipe which the kids will surely love. It’s a French fries using green banana as main ingredients. It is cut into strips [just like the French fries], sprinkled with salt, and then deep fried. We loved it, we can hardly tell it was banana. The crunchy and salty taste of the banana French fries taste good… even better than the potato fries…


P.S. By the way it is best serve when hot…

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Twin Nieces

12 years runs so fast; my twin nieces whom I used to cuddled when they were still baby had grown into ladies. They are now first year high school students and quiet bigger than me. I used to joke them that I am their younger sister and they will just give me their scornful look. LOL…

twin My twin nieces

They move like ladies now… And even sneak to use powder. LOL… My sister prohibited them from using powder because of their asthma. Since birth they are suffering from this illness which they inherited from their parent. Perfumes, pets (especially the hairy one), dust and other powdery substances are enemies of my twin nieces. An exposure to these asthma triggering substances means seeing the doctor, medicines and taking absences from class.

But how can they prevent it if they are exposed to the causes of asthma. First, they are animal lovers. Though my sister had scolded them not to touch a dog nor a cat, but still they steal to cuddle our pet dog at home. They also love stuff toys; and as we all know stuff toys can hold a large amount of dust. Even though their room is air conditioned but they cannot prevent the accumulation of dust. Thus they need to have an indoor air purifier.

At least now they seldom suffer from asthma attack.


No collection policy has been implemented in all public schools a long time ago. My sister, as a school principal in one of the public schools in our place, has a problem of budgeting the very scarce funds for their school. Looking for financial resources, as one key to achieve quality education is one on the major issues that she has to face. There are already foundations helping them with their needs such as the TADECO foundation for their feeding program for the below normal or underweight pupils.

fund raising (Photo source)

My sister is thinking of some fundraising ideas to address the other needs of their school. I suggested to her to tap the parents of their pupils, since if there is somebody who wants quality education for the children it is the parents.

Parent and teacher through the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) can hand-in-hand plan for the fundraising activity. They could have the school canteen managed by the PTA fundraiser. Or they can search for more unique fundraising ideas through fasttrackfundraising.com.

But first they should have at least learned the fundamentals of fundraising for them to have guides in planning what activities they will engage to raise their targeted amount. It’s also necessary to create a plan for them to be guided by it and establish funding to ensure the growth and sustainability of the fundraising.

Monday, July 19, 2010

So Blessed…

One week to go and I’ll be visiting again my orthodontist for my monthly check-up and adjustment of my braces. And it means money. I already set aside a budget for it because as possible I wouldn’t ask financial assistance from my parents because I consider it as luxury but I also find it as necessity. Good looks… good smile… are necessity. LOL…

Since I got my braces I have to tightly budget my earnings. Honestly I’m tempted to spend the budget that I set aside for my braces. Maybe my sister, Jeia, can sense my needs although we’re miles apart because she sent money for my braces last Friday. It’s actually more than what I needed. Then on the following day I receive another blessing from my other sister, Ging… Indeed, I am so blessed…

IMG_1432 - Copy

My super adventurous sister - Jeia

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let’s Talk About Business …

Okay! I admit I’m not in the position to talk about this. In the first place, I’m not a businesswoman, I do not grow up in a business world, I do not come from a business minded family, and I didn’t enroll in a business course. But I am an aspiring one… a successful businesswoman someday… LOL…

Why business? I have read lots of articles about from rags to riches. And most of it is because of their successful business. And that’s one of my goals – to become RICH! Who doesn’t want to become one anyway? That’s why I’m thinking of business. I do have a small business currently; I joined Multi Level Marketing (MLM), also called as network marketing, direct selling and referral marketing. So far so good, with the constant purchase from my family at least I earned even just a little amount.



But that little amount isn’t enough. I plan to engage in a business like wedding/birthday/baptismal giveaways made from polymer clay. I have to boost it by introducing my products through internet marketing – facebook, twitter, and other social media and can even blog about it. I can make my own or purchase business cards for my costumer to have a way of contacting me. So on and on... I have this lot’s of crazy business ideas that wracking the nerves of my brain. LOL…. But there’s one problem. I do not have the PR skills, which I believe is a key to a successful business… I need to free myself from being too timid… because I cannot hide behind my computer forever for me to succeed in the business world.

Good luck to my plans….LOL..

Need Cell Phone Plans

I’m having problem with my loads in my cell phone. The Php 300.00 budget for load is not enough for a month. You know with all the monthly bills, payment for my teeth braces and for tuition, I’m trying to squeeze my budget and attempt to cut-off my budget for my cell phone load. But communication is really needed in my work and I cannot give it up. I tried unlimited texts but unfortunately it’s only good for 24 hours and I have to register daily.

Shrink BudgetI’m planning to enroll for a cheap cell phone plans; maybe the sprint cell phone plans. But I have this bad experience with this cell phone plans before where my bill skyrocketed to Php 3,000.00 which supposed to be only Php 1,000.00. I overuse my cell phone at that time because I was away from my family. You know calling love one s through phones is the only remedy to ease the loneliness when you’re alone. And almost every day I call them, so expectantly my bill is more than the amount that I was supposed to pay.

With the demand in my job, I guessed I badly needed to enroll for cool Sprint cell phone plans. But I still have to canvass first on different mobile carriers on their offers and plans that suits my needs and budget.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Windows Live Writer for Posting Articles

After reading Joni Rei’s profile of Box of Cherries, I was quiet curious about the Windows Live Writer. She’s using it when posting new articles for her blog. Immediately I downloaded Windows Live Writer and tried.

It’s the answer of my question on how some bloggers used different fonts and and styles, including the strikethrough. I’ve been looking for it in the blogger, in the posting tab, but unfortunately I couldn’t locate it. Fonts are limited and I’m having difficulty when using numbers or bullets.

With Windows Live Writer, I can use different font styles and sizes, you can tilt the picture like what I did in my post “Lost and Found Eyeglasses”, text wrap, add borders as well as add watermarks to picture. Actually there are lots of features in Windows Live Writer that is useful in blogging. I still need to explore and apply it in my posts.

Tracking the IP Address and Location of Email Sender

I was hesitant at first to share this experience of mine because this is something private. But on the other hand I thought this might help others especially those who encounters same issue that I had experienced.

Last July 1, I received a text message from my bf telling me that he received an e-mail from me saying “I am in love to the other guy.” I was really shocked because I didn’t e-mailed him; and the term to the other guy” is quiet questionable on my part because literally it has different meaning when you say “with another guy”. “to the other guy” seems like my boyfriend knows already that there someone courting me. Right?

I cannot check my sent items in my email because internet speed at home is very slow. Helplessly, I tried to convince my bf that’s it’s not me. And that possible my email was used by a different user and knows my password. But he is close minded and convinced enough about the message.

First hour in the morning on the following day I checked my inbox and sent items in my email account. I didn’t receive a reply from him nor a message from me on my sent items. I know there’s something strange of the email message.

Good thing my bf gave me his password and able to access his account. At first, I cannot believe what I saw and read: it’s from me… clearly, my email address and my full name. But I’m wondering why I didn’t receive a reply message… I tried to reply the message again… and found out on the address box “TO:” an email ad that is similar to mine. The user was using an underscore in between the text and number of my email account.(ex. my email ad is abc12@yahoo.com the mystery sender used abc_12@yahoo.com). Believe me it’s hard to notice the discrepancy.

Intrigued where the email came from and with a little background in IT, I know it’s possible to trace the IP address and location of the email sender.

How to Trace the IP Address and Location of Email Sender
1. With the message open click the ACTION Button
2. Click view full header. A box will pop up. And search for the text “Received: from” and after this look for the set of bracket [ ]. Inside it is the IP address. Choose the last one if there is more than “received: from” word.
3. Copy the IP address. Google IP address locator/tracker. I googled it and used the first ten IP locator as suggested by the google search engine to check the reliability of it. I used melissadata.com in this example.

P.S. After I told my bf about the location of the sender, he knew who was behind this email sender.
Case close? Perhaps.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Brother’s Newly Purchased Second Hand Car

My brother bought a new car. He trade in his old one to a second hand Toyota Lucida, but at least much bigger and better. He actually regretted when he sell his old car because it has a sentimental value for him. If only he has money then he would probably keep it even though he’ll buy a new one. But I guessed one reason why he bought a new one is because he wants us all to accommodate and have a comfortable ride, and since my father always requested him for a ride to our farm located in a rural area.

Toyota Lucida But since his newly purchased car is second hand then there is still a need for it to refurbish especially the interior. The air-condition unit is malfunctioning but at least it has a fan in it. My brother already schedules it for repair especially that they always visited us and the ride going to our house is dusty; I know he won’t let her little princesses covered with dust when they arrive. LOL… The chairs are in good condition. But I think he needs to change the floor mats to protect his car from spills that might damage the interior sine it’s already worn-out. I’ve seen in the internet a BMW X5 Floor Mats which he could use it a guide as what color that suits his car as well style that truly protects his car.

But so far the overall performance of his newly purchased car is quiet better compare to the old one.


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