Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hit by Thunder

It was 6:00 pm; I just arrived from work when everybody was in the kitchen preparing dinner. It was raining hard outside. I went straight in my room to change my clothes. And stayed there for longer, enjoying the pitter-patter of the rain on the roofs. When suddenly there was a loud thunder; it sounds like a bomb dropped in front of me. I can even feel the tremble of the ground.

I ran immediately down stair going to the kitchen. My father who was lying that time immediately went straight to the kitchen. According to him, when he heard the loud bang, he thought he was shot, and tried to touch his heart if his still alive (LOL). Mama, on the other hand, got nervous. Well everybody was nervous.

A few minutes we smelled something burnt object. But since it was raining hard outside we just ignore it.

On the following day, my father checked the surroundings and found a coconut tree in our neighbor, our relative, which was stricken by the thunder. The fruits fell, the leaves were torn and part of the trunk was peeled off.

Hit by Thunder


We also learned that our relative’s television was damaged because it was left plugged and they forget to remove the antenna though the television was shut down.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Justin Beiber Fanatic

Justin Beiber
(Photo grabbed via Google)

No, not me! I’m old to be Justin’s fan. It’s my niece! But even if I’m in my teeny years now I wouldn’t be Justin’s fan. Never! Okay, I admit he’s famous; his songs top rated and every girl loves him and want to be in Selena’s position. [Poor Selena she got death threat of being Justin’s GF (“?”)] …

Please don’t hate me if I don’t like him. It’s his attitude that I dislike actually. Remember when he went here in Manila for a concert? Those scenes showed in news how he dealt his fans; his angry face while saying the words “Back off”? I hate the way he dealt the situation.

Anyway I’m not talking of my side, but rather of my 11 year old niece who is sooooo fanatic with Justin. She always requested me to download videos and songs of Justin. She had an album filled with photos of Justin and Selena (good thing she didn’t hate Selena). She asked me to download pictures of Justin; and everytime I arrived she cried because I didn’t print Justin’s photo. If she only knew how I hate doing her request. LOL…. She’s so obsess with him.

I honestly can’t understand my niece. In my entire life I’ve never experience being obsessed with anybody: actors, actress, singer, etc. Never! (Justin says “Never say never” LOL… of being obsessed with him I think my answer is still never!)

Perhaps it’s a generation gap that plays between me and my niece. Its Justin’s generation today… Westlife, Moffat, Back Street Boys are now history. But hey! I’m not a fan of these boy band groups either!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PR 0 Again!!!???

While my other 2 blogs earned PR 1 recently this blog is back to zero again. I checked the Google webmaster to check if I have violation like what happened early this year but there’s no message in my account. I’m wondering why I lost my PR 2 where in fact I tried to join meme’s to gain back links. Or perhaps this cause the dropped of my page rank. But I guess it’s not. Other bloggers do participate in different memes but they don’t suffer same consequence.

My Family; My Treasure

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 5. This week’s prize is one year free blog hosting sponsored by MaBelle of Treasure Box

I’m avid fan of TechieShe’s weekly giveaway. You know trying to win some freebies. Since I don’t have enough time to prolong my procrastination then I’m oblige to post what I really treasure. Hahaha…. This took me a while to finally post what I really treasure because I’m thinking of lots of things that I treasure.

Treasure? No doubt it’s my family. They are my strength, my happiness, my life, my motivation... etc. etc… I treasure the moments that were together ‘coz you know life is full of surprises. When my sister left for abroad it was difficult for us. But the moments that were together keeps lingering on our mind that even though she’s miles apart the moments that we’re together is a special treasure that no material thing can replace. Weeeeee, this made me miss my sister.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Orange Tuesdays

Just like other meme, flower is my favorite subject to share. The beauty of flowers is irresistible especially when it is focused.

So for my first entry for Orange Tuesdays meme, here’s a beautiful yellow and orange flower from my mom’s garden..

Orange Flower

Orange Flower


Pinay WAHMS’ $800 Birthday Giveaway!

Three Pinay WAHMS’ are celebrating their birthday this month. In a simple way of thanking God for another fruitful lives they will give a total of $800 prize. They even have spare prizes for the early bird. Unfortunately I was not the first. Anyway there are lots of prizes to win: cash, domain, hosting and design. It’s totally uber Bonggang Birthday Bash. Visit the giveaway post and be surprised with the prizes.

Pinay WAHMs' $800 Giveaway


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