Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reality Hurts... But it’s Time to Act

Boyfie keeps picking on me on how I look now. He said I gained too much weight and my hair is getting longer which makes me look old. I am used to him because we usually tease each other on our looks. But that morning when he said those nasty words... I almost cried... reality hurts.

I don’t know why my face gets chubbier. I’ve never been conscious with my weight till he said that I gained. Now I try to control my rice intake as per his advice. Coz I ate rice more than as he does.

I also do face yoga massage, to help tone down and reshape my face to a younger me. Because boyfie said I look so stress because of my puffy eyebag. With the nature of my work, you’d really get eyebag. Hopefully this face yoga massage will help me.

As for my messy hair, I tried to keep it long because I want to style it differently. But boyfie said I don’t look good with it especially that I don’t know how to fix my hair. Oh! That hurts me much if he only knew. But I accept it as constructive criticism, albeit I didn’t talk to him for one day. Haha... I got my hair done, though I hate to spend $50, for boyfie’s sake. And after more than 2 decades of having a one length hair I finally tried side bangs. Which is not pretty bad, actually my co-workers said I look good at it. But the most satisfied is my boyfriend.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Stop Distracted Driving

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Distracted Driving is one of the causes of accidents in the road. In fact according to survey 8 out of 10 accidents are caused by distracted driving; a very significant number that everybody should be aware of and do something to Stop Distracted Drivers.

Below is an info-graphics from Insurance Hunter blog about distracted driving. It concisely shows the types of distraction and some statistics.


Stop Distracted Driving - An infographic by the team at Stop Distracted Driving

As mentioned in Insurance Hunter blog post about distracted Driving, “Don`t become a distracted driving statistic”. Here are some tips on how we can prevent it:

  • Driver should stay focus on the road at all times because accidents can happen in a split of second. It is discouraged the use of gadgets such as mobile phone and GPS. There are hands-free gadgets but then it can also cause distraction.
  • I know there are instances that you need to operate gadgets. It happens to us many times when GPS was not working and it had to be refreshed. In cases like that other person (passenger) will operate the gadget. Or we come into full stop in a safe zone if the driver wants to operate it.
  • Other things that should not be done while driving other than using of gadgets are: eating, drinking, reading, to name a few. It is clear that multitasking is not allowed when driving. I believe when you drive you should focus 100% using your sense of sight and hearing.
  • If you are driving with your kids, see to it that you have all their needs and they are in condition to travel. Kids are said to be one of the causes of distractions. So to stop them from distracting you occupy them with something that they`d love to do while on travel such as movies, games, music, etc.
  • When you drive see to it that you are in condition; not sleepy, not over thinking of anything, not in angst, or any emotion that could distract you. Presence of mind is very important in driving.  

Those are easy tips but are often overlooked by drivers. However there is a law in some provinces in Canada that was implemented for distracted driving. This somehow disciplened drivers to focus on the road and on the wheel.

 For more information about Distracted Driving visit Insurance Hunter blog. Help spread the awareness about it... because we value lives!


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Thursday, August 8, 2013

2nd Year in Canada

Two years ago when I arrived to this strange country, all I feel is excitement and happiness. For me it’s a new place, a new beginning.

Even how tired I am from a long travel, I was exuberated when my sister toured me into Rocky Mountains of Alberta for two days. I just arrived and I was exploring Canada by then. It was summer but I was wearing thick jacket at that time. I know I look ridiculous with my outfit. But I don`t care at all.

When leaves turned to yellow and withered, I was just so amazed with the beauty of the nature. It just getting colder and colder a sign that winter was coming.

I was looking forward for the first snow fall. I just can`t wait! When it snowed I immediately went outside and took photos. For me it is magical as the snowflakes fall.

For two years in a foreign country, I experienced lots of ups and downs. And as I stay longer I am sadden making me feels doubt if coming here is worth everything.

I know I just miss my family.

I remember when I left Davao two years ago; I saw my family’s teary eyes and their sad smiles. But I chose to ignore it. I don’t want to leave them with a heavy heart. Because the last time I left when I went to Manila for work, I cried so hard which made my father worried so much for me. So to keep them feel ease I showed to them a happy and excited me... but deep inside I was hurting so badly. It was a mix feeling of excitement and sadness actually.

Being away from my comfort zone, I grow and I learned more. It even brought me closer to my passion in arts and crafting. But one best thing, I learned to deal with different people. I met acquaintances whom I can share my views and feelings. They are my family here in Canada (aside from my sister) who shows there simple way of care and kindness. I thank them for being with me, for cheering me up when I feel so lonely, and for teaching me to stay strong despites adversities.

2nd year in Canada

A bouquet of flowers from a friend, Dorothy. She simply brighten my 2nd year anniversary of staying here in Canada

Today, I celebrate my 2nd year anniversary for I survived. I know there will be more exciting challenges coming and I widely open my arms to accept it and face it.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August!

August is the birth month of my 4 cousins, 2 siblings, 3 nieces and my mom. So there’s like party in every week. And I’m missing these events in two years in a row.

I wanna go home this month especially on my mom’s birthday. Unfortunately I can’t. I feel so sorry for her. I know she wants us to be there in her birthday.

I wish I could easily go home even just for 2 weeks. It would be very expensive; but I’ll do some sacrifices if that means happiness for my mom. The only thing that hinders me are the paper works that needs to be done to secure for that re-entry visa.

Knowing my mom, I know she fully understands us if we can’t be there in her birthday.
I miss her… I miss them so badly.


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