Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Giveaways

I told you I will be spamming my blog for the rest of the days of this month by joining contest. There are actually two contests that I joined but don’t require my posts for the contest. But I want to share it to you guys….

First is Anagon’s Blog’s 2nd Giveaway. She called her site as the fashionista commuter, so expect that the prizes are really the chic thing. Go guys visit her site and discover the awesome prizes. Here’s one of the prizes that I’d love to win… Actually I love to win all… LOL….

image Accessories set from Trinkets Royale Manila

Another is the Olay Giveaway by Jackie Go of My Nocturnal Journal. I’m currently using Olay Natural White so it would be perfect if I’ll win one of the Olay Goodies. hehe…



Hope to win the prizes…. *wink*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

PayPal Giveaway: $50.00 Cash!!!

I’m planning to spam my blog with blog contest this month. And I feel so lucky to stumble on different blog contests. So here’s one!

Misoglamorous is giving away $50.00 cash through PayPal. I’m blogging it to increase my chance to win the moolah!!! I need it badly…. LOL…

BTW, you can check the contest mechanics here.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Joining Fun Blog Contest

I’m addicted to blog contest lately. I thought, ‘why not grab all the opportunities to win those free stuffs’… I don’t care if I’ll win or lose…. Anyway, it’s just for fun…

Speaking of fun, here’s the first fun blog contest of One winner of $25 and two winners of $10 via PayPal will be drawn through

It’s very easy to join. Visit My First Fun Blog Contest for more details…


1. Fitflops Sandals Review

2. Best Shoes for CAN and Nurses

3. Women’s Shape-up Shoes

4. The Backpackman

5. Blogging Achieved Goals

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vegetables at our Backyard

Everything seems getting expensive; even leafy vegetables. Imagine a bundle of alugbati cost Php 10.00 which only cost 5.00 last month! Whoa! That’s 100 percent increased.

Because of that my mother decided to have a plot of different vegetables at our backyard: Alugbati, saluyot, sitaw, kalabasa, ampalaya, patani, sangig, to name a few. All mixed in one corner. Because of that, it looks like beans are producing ampalaya and the other way around. LOL….

I can’t imagine when the kalabasa plant will bear fruits. Kalabasa in an ampalaya plant? LOL... Anyway, mama is only after of the young leaves…


Posting this for Green Monday…


Sunday, April 17, 2011

It’s My Birthday

My nieces and my sister in law surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, freshly picked from their garden.
DSC02730 DSC02786

Angel and Baby Hannah prepared this cute cupcakes with Nips toppings sprinkled with crushed Hanny Chocolate… Mmmmm….. Yum…Yum….


My other niece, Venus, has it’s own version of her birthday cake for me.

This one reminds me of “Meteor Garden”. Remember the gift of Sanchai to Dao Ming Soo? ….

DSC02760 DSC02762

Actually, I just want to celebrate the day by attending mass with my family and spend the rest of the day like my usual Sunday. But mama insisted to have a little party since we have bakasyonistas, my nieces and nephews.

So here’s the cake from my parents…..


I’m thankful that God gave me a wonderful family…

I'm posting this for my first entry for Mellow Yellow Monday and Ruby Tuesday.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Terrace: A Special Place in Our House

Beside my room is a terrace. It’s a small one, around 40 square ft. in area. It’s especially made as our prayer corner and sort of reflection area. My mother spends her morning ritual there doing Shibashi. It’s a very relaxing place, especially hearing the chirping of the birds and the rustles of the leaves plus the cool air that touches your skin.

We are planning to beautify it by putting indoor plants. I suggested that we’ll install a water fountain. I know the sounds of the water will even make the place more soothing. My mother was thrilled with my idea.

Currently, there are already indoor plants and drift woods. But it still needs improvement. Perhaps, we can rearrange the plants this Holy Week.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oh! No! My Sister Gained Weight!!!!

My sister gained weight after a long week of attending graduation ceremonies in their district. As a school head, they hop from one school to other school in order to attend the graduation ceremony as support to other school heads in their district. Of course what can you expect, with such occasion, it also means festivity of foods.

I told her about the flab that starting to show on her body. And she was even surprised and starts to worry. She plans to go back to her old regimen – eating only cereals for her dinner. If she’s really serious with slimming, I guess she’ll need to exert extra effort: aside from diet, she needs to exercise and perhaps try some hcg diet drops.

Monday, April 11, 2011


I love magazines; even the old ones. My sister used to buy old magazines from a local bookstore. It’s cheaper compare to the new one but still it serves its purpose: it entertains me as well as gives me ideas about anything.

I love home style and lifestyle magazines because basically the articles are applicable to our day to day activities. I never lost interest with these magazines, that’s why I keep them on my table in my bedroom. I love to flip every pages of the glossy magz and look at the different designs and tips. Oohhhh! I just love art….. love life!

And I think I need a magazine holder beside my bed for me to easily grab the magz.

How Would You Like Your Flooring Done?

Flooring adds up to the beauty of the interior of the house. That’s why it’s wise to carefully plan what type of flooring you want to have and have it installed by expert. There are various flooring you can choose from: tile, granite, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood or carpeted flooring.

I remember the flooring of our house, before it was renovated five years ago; it was purely cemented - red cement actually. Daily we have to scrub it to make it shine and apply wax at least once a week. It’s really tiresome scrubbing the floor from the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and the porch. Not to mention that we have a pet dog at that time, that when it rains it really mess up the floor especially the porch. Good thing my parent decided to have a Tile Floor when our house was renovated.

Personally, I want the hardwood flooring because it brings me closer to the nature; looking and feeling the texture of it. But like the cemented floor it requires waxing and scrubbing. Actually the flooring of my room was made of hardwood. But my father painted it red thus I cannot see the beauty of the grains of the woods.

Carpeted floor is also good. This is ideal in our library. The fabrics make the room less susceptible from noise. The only disadvantage is that it can easily accumulate dusts.

The very practical flooring, for me, is the granite, ceramic, tile or the vinyl flooring. However, when you go for this kind of flooring you have to decide for the color, the design and size of tiles and if you’ll go for granite then consider its texture. This could be a daunting task but you can seek for a help from experts or you do some research and compare.

How about you? How would you like your flooring done?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Message From God

Luke 6:27-28

[27] "But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, [28] bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Smell So Good Giveaway!!!!

Hi guys I’m back! Although I started blogging yesterday, but I will officially start my come back to the blogosphere by joining Mommy Divine’s Victoria’s Secret Giveaway in celebration of her daughter’s graduation.

She’s giving away Drenched in Pink sweet and tart Supersoft Body Lotion 500ml, Love Spell Hydrating Body Lotion 250ml, Merry Vanilla Twirl Hydrating Body Lotion 250ml plus 2 sets of Aficionado body and bath spray collection.

Hmmm… this is a smell so good giveaways that I want to have, perhaps a great gift for my upcoming birthday. Good luck to me!!!


To know about the rules, please visit Mommy Divine’s site.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Zenni Frame Fit

Online shopping is very “in” today. You can find clothes, eyewear, accessories, gadgets, etc.…. Sky is the limit. If you look at the different items without thinking of budget you might overspend. But isn’t it disappointing that when you try it, only to find out that it doesn’t fit you well? What a waste of money!

Zenni Optical has come into its initiative to make its customer the feeling of shopping and try their product. No, I didn’t mean they’ll send the product right at your doorstep but it’s actually done online by simple uploading your photo (approximately 280 x 280 pixels), then click the try button of every product. You can compare your looks wearing different eyeglasses. You’ll be given the idea what frames, color, design that fits the shape of your face. You can try on all frames and share it on FB and have your friends decide which eyeglasses you look good. Surely it would be a wonderful idea of having them participating in choosing your eyeglasses.

I believe, prescription eyeglasses should not just merely use to address the needs of your eyes but also eyeglasses that is designed for you. Don’t sacrifice your look with the wrong eyeglasses design. Visit Zenni Optical to see the affordable eyeglasses that come in various design and try.


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