Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Deal Negative People or Situation (My Way)

I tried to live a positive a life following advices from the books I read. I know it is difficult especially if you are surrounded with people who bring negative vibes. Just like at work the moment I came in all I can hear are sighs and negative comments from colleagues, it is so draining honestly.

But I found my own ways in getting rid of it...

  1.  I go in an area where I can be alone. This helps me revives my energy.
  2. Applying CEEport. I learned it from the book “Zero Limit” by Joe Vital. CEEport means Clean, erase, erase while returning to zero. Cleaning my thoughts and erasing all bad memories. I do this by keep on repeating the four phrases: “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “Thank you”, and “Please forgive me”. I still need to learn this method.
  3. And I think one of this best method and effective is, IGNORE or act like I`m listening to their complaints but honestly my thoughts are wandering for other more creative and helpful thoughts. Hahaha... trying to be deaf.

How about you, how do you deal negative people?

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Gift from a DA

One of the advantages of having [paid] blogs is getting freebies from advertisers. Although I prefer money in exchange for paid post or text link but freebies is also great.

Blue and white Porcelain pen and bookmark

Last December I got this set of blue and white porcelain pen and bookmark from an advertiser in exchange for text link in the side bar. I check the price and its value is around $27.00. Actually they offer me 4 different freebies to choose but I love the pen and bookmark set the most... just like love at first site! I love it the fact that I love to read and usually write down phrases from books that I read.

The Alexa ranks of my blogs are improving since I joined the Alexa hop from groups of bloggers. And advertisers are now starting to contact me. I hope more opps for this year. I need the moolah badly but freebies are okay as well.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

FB Account is Temporarily Locked

My Facebook account is always open in my phone. Surprisingly, on the morning of December 28 I can no longer access my account in my phone, as well as in other phone or computer. It says that my computer may be infected with a virus which I doubt if it’s true since I can access a different account on the same computer or phone.

I tried to follow the instructions in the prompt box by clicking continue. But I’m suspicious with the instructions because it prompted me to install a scanner which I believe it is a malware so I didn’t do anything. Instead I try to look for forums related to it unfortunately I can’t find the solution. The problem with FB is that there is no “Contact Us” button and I can’t also find the answer in the FB forum or FAQ site about the problem I encountered.

Although I’m not an FB addict, it still bothers me not accessing the account. I suspect somebody reported me as abuse or blocked, BUT I don’t really know the real reason why I can’t access my account. Thus I gave up.

I was able to access my account again on the third day. I didn’t do anything... So when you experience same thing in your FB account I suggest don’t install anything as what you have been told on the prompt box. Just wait and ...have a break on accessing your account.  After all life continues without FB.


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