Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On Sports

I’m not the sporty type girl… But at least I know basic rules of some games; that include basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, and bowling.

On basketball – our family is an avid fan of Alaska Team way back when I was elementary. I can still remember how the whole family shouted everytime one of the members of the team made a score. Not just our family but the whole neighborhood. So you’ll know which team they supported through the cheers. What I love most is the last one minute of the game especially if there is a very tight competition between teams. Hearts thumping and sweats flows all over my body; it really excites us!

About tennis, my father was once a tennis player before. He even had a champion trophy both in single and double game. I also enjoy this game aside from being a viewer I together with my friends were the one who were tasked to pick-up balls in exchange of money. LOL…

I learned other ball games during PE class and also as our past time during weekends.

But one ball game that I am so curious is football. We do not have this in our class. I’m really wondering how they made score. It surely the hardest game since scoring is difficult. I’m even astonished with the numerous fans of this games that even spend a lot of money for football betting.Hmmmm... I think I better watch football games to learn the beauty of this game.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Teeth Braces: Initial Consultation

This is my third time to consult an orthodontist regarding teeth braces. When I learned from my sister that the initial payment is very low, I decided to have an initial consultation immediately. I cannot procrastinate; this was my goal a long time ago.

I thought this might help for those who are planning to correct their teeth. Here are the initial steps based on what I have gone through:

1. You must consult an orthodontist, an expert in their field of course. The dentist will examine your teeth whether there are teeth with cavities and needed to restore (“pasta”). At the same time you’ll be informed the quotation for the braces.

I like my orthodontist, aside from examining my teeth; she gave me a very thorough explanation about teeth braces and my case.

2. Then you have to undergo some test and procedures before the installation of braces:

a. Panoramic x-ray – It’s a full mouth series of smaller x-ray that shows the patient’s nasal area, jaw points, teeth and surrounding bone. It also shows impacted teeth that are buried deep inside the jaw bones.

Photo source

b. The side view profile x-ray of your head

c. A close-up picture of your face (front, left and right side)

d. A close up picture of your teeth. With the aid of a plastic retractor, you’ll stretch your mouth wide so that they can easily get picture of your teeth (front, left side and right side). For me it was really embarrassing…. LOL.

e. Then the last one is the casting of your teeth. The most uncomfortable procedure I have undergone. A pink gooey thing was place in a tray and inserted in my teeth and was remove after a minute or when it dries. It sticks to my gum which I thought it won’t be removed but it was only a vacuum. LOL…


3. The cast will be ready after 4 days. The laboratory will just have it delivered in my orthodontist clinic. I added 100 pesos for the freight charge.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

365 Days Journey of Gratefulness

I woke up a little bit late last Saturday morning. I was awakened with the unstoppable message alert tone in my mobile phone. I almost forgot that it was my birthday. After spending my nth (still denial… LOL) in this planet it was my first time to realize I was so lucky despite all odds. I admit. I cried a bucketful of tears that morning… It’s unexplainable yet it relieves me from anger, anxieties, and all the negative things that stored in me. I actually called it ‘tears of joy.’ I may sound corny, but that’s actually what I felt. It’s an involuntary emotion (I don’t know if there’s such a thing called involuntary emotion…LOL).

That morning, first thing that came to my mind is to have a 365 days journey of gratefulness by writing it in a notebook. A sort of Thank You note to God. I learned it from a TV host, Boy Abunda, quoting “You’ll look life differently when you thank God more often than complaining”. Unfortunately I was not able to do it because I haven’t purchase the notebook yet and I was busy preparing for my exam that day. (Procrastinating again! sigh).

Since I spend often with the internet and blogging, I decided to tweet my Thank You Note to God instead. I cannot promise to tweet in 365 days because internet is not 24/7 available to me. In suchcase, writing it in a notebook will do.

Journey with me as I spend the 365 days of gratefulness… Follow me at Twitter….

P.S. You may ask why not lifetime gratefulness? It’s actually lifetime, but the first 365 is just an initial way of conditioning myself to thank God instead of complaining (which I always did)…. A sort of forming a habit….

Keeping the Blog Alive

With the almost one month absent in the blogosphere, I missed a lot of my friend updates as well as opportunities. Although my page rank did not decline but I can see that there were only few visitors. Worst, my other two blogs had no visitors. Well it’s a sort of prioritizing.

Though, exam is already finished I honestly can’t manage my three blogs. I cannot my focus myself on writing because I’m destructed with my desire to do the polymer clay arts. Since the day I discovered it my nose sticks on the computer looking for ideas on how to make cute little things using polymer clays.

Now my problem is on how to keep my blog alive especially my two other blogs, Life Ascending and Colour.


I have learned there are thousands of online freelance to do the job as content writer. Of course I cannot afford it. But there is a website that offers website contents for free – the Article Alley. I was browsing their Article directory and found lots of topics that I can republish in my blog. I think this world be the best option to keep my blog movin. But of course I still prefer writing my own ideas for my blogs.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sooooo Excited.....

I was so eager to take the take the exam a week ago. Not because I am prepared (‘coz actually I’m not), it’s because there are lot of things that I missed like blogging; and there are many things that excites me that even during review my mind keeps on wandering… and wishing that the exam ends.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

I found a new online job at oDesk – the on demand global workforce. This means more revenue! But I cannot figure out how it actually works. I’m still studying it. Besides I need to install something that monitors my online progress which I cannot do because speed of the internet at home is so slow. Grrr….. I already inquired the latest plugin modem from Smart Telecom if its performance is much better than the first release model. I also inquired about the PLDT DSL, (which I strongly prefer), but the problem is we do not have telephone line at our place. So I have to choose the plugin modem from PLDT which relies on a 3G communication. I’m still waiting for their call for the free demo at home.

Photosource: Purple Nook

Another thing that excites me is the polymer clay. Although I haven’t made my first project but I can say I am a clay addict! But I do not have enough budgets to buy the materials. Almost every day I peek unto the sites which sell polymer clays and tools. And I just keep on jotting down what to buy. (Sigh)…. I do have now clay and an extruder. But it’s not enough, that’s why I’m eager to start at oDesk for me to have an extra income to buy this vice of mine. Hmmmm… Is it really a vice? It honestly makes me happy.


But the best thing so far that keeps my mind joggling is the teeth braces. Yehey…. My sister knows an orthodontist who could fix my crooked teeth with a very low down payment and a staggered monthly payment for the balance. This is really great news! I can’t wait the date of my appointment…LOL….

I will post soon my experience with my braces…..


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