Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I Almost Wrecked a Relationship

Finally done with my sister's baby shower. It was a success. Next is buying Christmas presence. It is so tiring and confusing what to give especially that we live in town where you can find limited items to give. And sometimes [I admit] it felt like giving Christmas presence is an obligation especially when you think of their expectation. Or maybe it was just me. I know it shouldn't be like that.

Then here comes my friend's birthday. I was thinking of flowers to be delivered in her place. I thought it was the best, the only problem is I don't know her address. Then my prayer was answered when I saw my friend having lunch with her husband. I had to secretly asked for my friend's addressed and I was thinking the best way to do that is to phone her husband. Little did I know it ruined their date. My friend walked-out from the restaurant after my call.Then her husband approached me that my act caused trouble. Learning it made me feel so bad. Worst situation ever!

Luckily I saw my friend walking across the street. I was chasing her despite the snowy path. But very wrong timing when I have to cross the street and wait for the stop light. Just imagine two stop lights. It felt like longest wait for the stop light.

I can't find my friend when I finally crossed the street. But I just follow my intuition. Good thing I found her in the middle of busy people cramming for Christmas eve. 

I was catching my breathe when I was trying to tell her that I was the one that his husband had the conversation over the phone earlier for my birthday present for her. I kept on apologizing and almost break-out until she gave the reassuring hug. 

My intention was pure and for the good. The whole drama thing wasn't part of the plan. I suck with surprises.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spooky Picture of My Niece

Boo!!! It’s spooky time of the year. Although people across the globe celebrated Halloween in different ways but there is one thing in common – something scary. Back home I remember watching petrifying shows on TV during this time. I easily get scared but ironically I love horror movies even though it disturbs me for several nights. If you want to get scared even the movie is not scary watch with me and you will be daunted with my screams.

Speaking of scary things, my sister-in-law posted her daughter’s picture in Facebook. I had goose bumps as soon as I saw it and  jumped out of from my seat and ran towards my sister. My Hannah Bear’s picture has a creepy white lady in it. I kept on messaging my sister-in-law about what I saw. I was terrified because my Hannah Bear used to be afraid with black dress and moon. I was thinking a “not-like-ours” is following her.

Can you see the ghost in this picture?

I waited for hours for their reply and I wasn’t able to get enough sleep because of it. Only to find out it was an app from their phone and it was the kid who put that creepy white lady on it. Crazy kiddo but good thing it wasn’t a real one.

This is just a proof that nowadays  with available phone apps one can easily edit picture into something unrealistic…. And yeah, I was tricked.

Anyway, happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blog Goal for Month of October

Hello October!

I had a great start of this month in terms of financial matter. I had three blog opps from LinkVehicle totalled to $50 and one from Payu2blog which is $5 only, not bad at all. Another thing is that I deposited money for my stocks account. I am honestly enjoying how this stock market works for my money.

Speaking of blogging, I know I have neglected my blogs for more than 8 months because my laptop crashed and the technician wasn’t able to fix it. It took me that long to buy a new one because I was battling to purchase Apple Mac Pro or low end laptop… I know it took me 8 months to decide…But I ended up buying low end laptop. So far I am satisfied with the performance of my Acer laptop.

So with my come back in the online world, my goal is to lower the Alexa Rank of my blogs to 100,000. And hopefully I will be able to update my three blogs regularly. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Punk Clothing Online

If you are someone who likes the punk look, then consider shopping online. When you shop from companies online, you can quickly click through the pictures of items that are sold instead of walking through a store. You can search through items that are related to specific bands that you might like, making it easy to show your love for a certain group. After you find the clothing and shoes that relate to the group, you can often find the music from the store. 

Another benefit of shopping for punk clothing online is that you can get a gift certificate to give to someone else, or you can use a certificate that you have received so that you can get what you might like. When you shop online, you can often earn points for the purchase that you make. These points can then be exchanged for merchandise like shoes, accessories and other items. Free shipping is usually offered on all items or orders that are over a certain amount. A benefit of ordering online is that your purchase can be delivered right to your home so that you don't have to go out. Everything from collars with spikes to belts made of leather are sold by companies that specialize in punk clothing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I'm glad we have Sansa our pet dog. Although she can be annoying sometimes but she can melt our heart with her sweetness. Truly, dogs are man's bestfriend.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Just Sold My PLDT Shares

I was so excited this morning when I received an email that it's time to sell PLDT. I've been waited for this for so looong.

 For the first time I sold something in stock market and earned almost 50% of what I invested. Indeed, investing in stock market is more exciting than risky as I thought. 

Tomato Blooms

Yay finally see the the blooms of tomato. Hopefully, it will still bear fruits before fall starts. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Encounter with Dinosaurs Remains

As an old adage goes "to see is to believe"... Although there are video clips about discovery of dinosaurs' remains, books, and museum dedicated for them but for me those are not convincing enough until we visited the Royal Tyrell Museum. It's amazing to know that those humungous creatures were once reigning the earth. I can't think how human life would be if we coexisted with them.

My dinoselfie with the dinosaur's tail

The Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake is man-made only. But seeing it's grandeur beauty made me thank God how wonderful the view is and how awesome the people who planned and made the lake.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Starting Your Day Right

My tummy is the happiest since I started working 9:00 am shift. I finally had the time to enjoy my breakfast without interuption.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Juice Ko Day"

I'm back to juicing. After experiencing annoying cystic pimples in both of my eyebrow, I decided I should take care of my health. As one studies says, the occurence of the pimples reflects about what your organs inside your body is telling you. As in my case, it's my liver and digestive program. Thus, decided to eat healthier food now.

About the title, "Juice Ko Day", I was thinking this morning what if I'll make my own video or weekly blog post about my juicing diary. Well probably doing blogb post. At least it will fill ip my dying blogs.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Colors never failed to bring smile on my face. Thus when I bought this 62 set of Crayola colored pencil I felt like somebody just bought me some school supplies, excited and happy to start the school year.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When Famous People Retweeted and Favorited My Tweets

Twitter is a very famous social channel, second to Facebook. I mainly use it for promoting blog posts and not active in it.

 I only started loving it when somebody favorited and retweeted my tweets especially when it comes from famous people like Julia Barreto. 

Apparently, Julia is promoting her Jollibee Yumburger ads. On the other hand, Laura Sobiech is the author of the book, "Fly a Little Higher", that I reviewed. Nevertheless, with all the hashtags, tags and followers they have, they were able to recognize my simple tweets.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lovely Morning

Since the new owner took over the establishment where I work, I have to walk as early as 5:15 am now. It's unfortunate that they took the previlige of having free ride in the morning. But on the other hand I'm glad at least I have the time to enjoy the beauty of sunrise.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


It feels like home seeing this pretty flowers of Zinia. It's probably the last bloom for this summer 'coz I can feel the cool breeze that signifies fall is coming.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It Runs in the Blood

Sharing you this unfinished zendoodle of my niece. The details are superb and done professionally.

She used to asked me to draw but seeing this drawjng made me feel so proud of her. Indeed she's better than me!

And here's another drawing of my 4 year old niece, she's an artist in the making.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Insomnia Attacked!

There is a reason why I feel happy being not able to sleep early last night. I know it's weird, when attacked with insomnia I should be feeling grumpy today. But nope! It's all because creativity are bursting out from my mind and the result is this fashion design illustration of the dress that I really want to wear.

Just a note: the drawing is based from the dress I bought from a nearby thrift store.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

So This is Love

I had misunderstanding with bf this morning..... Wait.... Wait... Wait.... This is supposed to be Happy Days, right?

Yup happy because, no matter how we argued we always find ways back to each others arm. I just can't resist, so does he!  He send me this comics and we both can relate with it. 

So I guess this is LOVE.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Books... Books.... and More Books

Oh, I love to read! I'm glad I found BookLook Bloggers who distributed free books.... but of course in exchange of review. Nonetheless, since most are spiritual books, these help me in many ways - mold my mind, I became spiritually matured and I better understand life now.

Some books are from other direct advertisers whom just contacted me to do reviews. It feels amazing isn't it?

I can now officially call myself a bookworm! 

By the way, I still prefer flipping page after page than swiping my finger in the screen. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sweat it Out Baby

I never felt so good since I started Zumba exercise. I felt I needed to do this because I gained so much weight and feeling bloated all the time.

My work requires a lot of walking and lifting but this doesn't do any good with my body. I did walking and jogging, taking advantage of the sunny season. But I felt like something is lacking. I want my sweat dripping all over my face and body. Finally I discovered the sweat it out Zumba style! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

I Can See It's Coming

A door has opened for me to shine like a bright star. LOL...

I've been posting fashion designs in my Instagram account. It's not an ordinary one, I designed it with petals of fresh flowers, crystals, beads, sequins, etc. Though those ideas are not originally mine but inspired by other illustrators. But what I did I draw one fashion illustration then embellish it using those materials I mentioned above, thus, the hashtag 1Dress_Different_Embellishments.

One follower prophecied me that I will be famous someday with my artworks. And that words alone flattered me.

And I guess it's coming. Crayola followed me in IG and direct messaged me:

A good news indeed! 

Currently, we are working with some paper works and I am looking forward to see my artworks in Crayola's Social channels.

I know this is just the beginning.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Grotto of Virgin Mary

Mama has been dreaming to have our grotto of Virgin Mary at out backyard. Finally it was realized when I and my sister agreed to give the profit from our small business to her. 

Seeing her happy makes me happier. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I Am Superstar

Yes I am! Somebody just called me that. But I'm not the kind of superstar that performs.

I am superstar because I am the top imPRESS manicure badge holder thus Influenster gave me the name. And because of that I won a $22 worth of product from them. Yepey!

I didn't expect it since all participants has their great way of sharing the product in their own social media accounts. It really pays when you exert your very best.

Friday, August 8, 2014

365 Happy Days

Today marked my 3rd year here in Canada. I've been waiting for this 'coz it means I can finally apply for residency.

It's time also to celebrate because after all the chaos in CIC - the issues of foreign workers and the moratorium, I finally had my  extended work permit. However, it will be good for a year only since next year will be my 4th year here in Canada, and I am affected with the four-year cap program for foreign workers.

With that it simply says, it will be my last 365 days here in Canada if ever I will not be nominated for residency.

But I will not say "last days" 'coz who knows if God permits then I will be resident here. If not, then going home is an option that I am not worried about because it is where my heart is.

Thus, calling this "365 Happy Days". Instead of flooding my social network accounts about my day-to-day reasons of what keeps me happy, I will be blogging it here instead.

So for Day 1: 

A gift of life is something we should always be thankful and celebrated. 

Watching this bundle of joy in the monitor brings so much joy to me. I can't wait to see and cuddle this little angel. Truly God's creations are so amazing.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Facts That Every Driver Should Know About Car Exterior Lights

Illumination is an important safety feature for all types of passenger and commercial vehicles. Drivers should be aware of the need to replace or upgrade any of the exterior lights. When driving inside a vehicle, it's sometimes difficult to notice any minor lighting problems unless another person points out the issue. Improperly working lights might even lead to being pulled over by a police officer. It's illegal to drive with headlights that do not produce enough illumination at a certain distance.

Selecting the right type of lights requires some in-depth understanding of the technology. Most headlamps are powered by LED and HID mechanisms that produce reliable and intense illumination. The front lights of a vehicle should have the most powerful capabilities to illuminate the road ahead. Light bulbs for vehicles come with specifications that must be understood and met.

The maximum current rating is clearly labeled on every bulb that has to be installed for headlamps and other parts of a car's exterior. The typical current range for headlights is between 1.2 and 1.8 amps. Additionally, the voltage rating for light bulbs might be specified in a common range of 9 to 15 volts. Fuses in a car's electric panel could be easily burned out if improper connections are made between the power supplies and light bulbs. To control the heat inside headlamp bulbs, small built-in fans provide proper ventilation.

Color temperature is another common specification to check for in car lamps and bulbs. This parameter is given in degrees Kelvin, and it indicates a relative hot or cold appearance. For example, a color temperature of 5,000 K is usually yellowish in color. A much higher Kelvin rating is considered to have a "cooler" color such as blue or violet. Some LED bulbs actually do not come with any color temperature as they produce a distinct light that's not rated in degrees K. For any car light bulb, one of the most important specifications is intensity. The lumens rating gives a clear indication of a lamp's maximum brightness.

LED daytime running lights are designed to create relative soft illumination that is visible from far away. Such bulbs don't really illuminate the road but rather act as a warning to other drivers. Daytime light bulbs are usually programmed to turn on automatically based on visibility conditions during foggy and cloudy days.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Finding My Passion

A week after this French guy encouraged me to take medicine course; he gave me two hardbound books related to the course. Knowing that I cannot enroll for now, he told me to read the books so that I am prepared by the time I will be admitted to the university. He also told me to contact him so that he can send more books.

I admit I was excited with the thought that I will be studying again. But after evaluating myself, I guess I will not pursue it. The very reason is that it’s a long process to be a doctor, at my age I don’t think it’s practical to pursue it unless if it’s my obsession.

Sure it’s nice to be a doctor but to be effective you've got to have the passion to give your best service to your clients.

Ever since I am into arts… the more I want to pursue other than this the more I get frustrated because I cannot find myself having the interest with it. That happened to me when I took engineering course and masters in Information Technology. I have the degree and license but I cannot find the love and the burning enthusiasm with it.

What I want is the feeling of excitement as I woke up in the morning and having insomnia attack because ideas are flooding into my mind. I know I am more effective and I can deliver my best when I am like that.

For now, I am rekindling with my love for art. Slowly part of me that I thought died a long time ago is awaken again with the burst of colors of ideas… may I find my way back to where my heart is.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Should I Proceed to Take a Medicine Course?

I met this French Old Guy at work, nope he’s not a boyfriend wanna be, but he became a friend. Last Saturday he told me that he will see me as a doctor someday.  I laughed at him but it hit me! His words echoed in me, I was disturbed on that day fascinating that I am a doctor… thinking why I haven’t thought of it when I chose my career path. And to the point I researched the qualifications to enter in medicine school. It’s not too late.

Two days after that conversation, he handed me a brochure of a school and told me to take qualification exam this month. He said he’ll pay for my first and last course. I don’t know if he was serious or not. But I was elated at that moment. Until I realized I can’t do it for the fact that I am under work permit visa and we are not allowed to study in this country. He looked upset but I told him by next year I could possibly get my residency and enroll in school.

By the time he was leaving he was encouraging me to go for it as he said by age 31 I will be a doctor. And I paused, give him a big smile and told him, “Sir I’m already 31.” 

Now the question still lingers in my mind, should I proceed to be a doctor?


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