Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas 2011: Missing My Family

Christmas 2011 - no stress.... no gifts to wrap... no panic buying.... no foods to prepare.... no kids screaming – all I can hear is the clock ticking in my room….


Christmas is a big celebration in our family. We do celebrate it by attending a mass on the evening of the 24th of December then party at house over night. We don’t sleep until the dawn breaks; even the kids. We do partying all night. Then we’ll have late breakfast at my sister’s house.

But prior to that is the huge preparation. Last minute shopping, gift wrapping, preparing prizes for the games, set up for the house, balloons, preparing foods, pleading my stubborn nieces and nephews to prepare a dance number, etc.... So much noise and sometimes it stress me out! But I’m totally happy with it.

This year would be a different Christmas; I’m spending it with my sissy and some friends. I can’t feel its Christmas! My heart is crying and screaming – ‘how I wish I’m home. I miss the stressful Christmas; I miss the loud noise, the crying and laughing around our home, I miss my family.’

Perhaps looking at this old photos will ease the loneliness inside me.






Monday, December 12, 2011

Senior Citizen’s Christmas Party

There are lots of memories about parties that I can post here but there are two precious memories that will always linger in my heart: our family Christmas celebration and the Senior Citizen Christmas party last year.


For this week I will post about the Senior Citizen Christmas Party. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of last year’s party but lucky enough ‘coz my sister uploaded photos of this year’s party in our family FB page. Looking at the photo brings me back to last year’s party...

My father was the Baranggay President for Senior Citizen Association. It was a very simple party held in the Baranggay’s covered court attended by more or less 50 members. You can see the excitement in their faces. Although they moved slowly they still participated on different games. I remember one old man walked out because he lose in the game. They are like kids but are harder to please. Anyway the whole party was fun and ended with ballroom dance for everybody.

For this year, the president is my mother (my parents are both active in our community). I was not in the party to help her. But my sisters and my nieces and nephews were there to assist them.
Photos for this year’s party….
Jingles per group
Parlor Games
And some members of our family who showed their support…
On this photo: Sister Ging, her daughter Love, nephew Ernie, sister Pearl, and her daugter Lovhea

Georyl Christmas Giveaway

Georyl and her sponsors are giving away cash prizes and blog makeover this Christmas. To be honest I’ve been lazy joining giveaway but when I received an update email of her blog, Georyl, that they are moving the deadline from December 23 to December 18, I realized why not join; just for fun anyway. But I’m hoping to win one of the prizes, whether cash prize or makeover.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Tree (2003 -2010)

I grew up with a unique Christmas Tree. It’s made up of coconut leaf stick broom. We painted each strand of stick with white or gold or cover it with silver out of the cigarette packet. Then we cut circles in size of 25 cents out of colored paper. These circles are then glued in each stick about 3 inches distance and filled the stick from tip to tip. Then we’ll put all the sticks in one container. It looks like a fountain. My mom believed that it brings luck to our family.

It’s our dream to have a fancy pine tree inside the house. It was only realized last 2003. Since then we are using it. But we still have the Broom stick Christmas tree in one corner.


2003 - see that broom stick Christmas tree behind my mom?









(no pics for 2008 & 2009)



We usually decorate our house every November 30, which is holiday back home, together with my nieces and nephews. I miss decorating our house for this year.




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