Sunday, March 30, 2014

Should I Proceed to Take a Medicine Course?

I met this French Old Guy at work, nope he’s not a boyfriend wanna be, but he became a friend. Last Saturday he told me that he will see me as a doctor someday.  I laughed at him but it hit me! His words echoed in me, I was disturbed on that day fascinating that I am a doctor… thinking why I haven’t thought of it when I chose my career path. And to the point I researched the qualifications to enter in medicine school. It’s not too late.

Two days after that conversation, he handed me a brochure of a school and told me to take qualification exam this month. He said he’ll pay for my first and last course. I don’t know if he was serious or not. But I was elated at that moment. Until I realized I can’t do it for the fact that I am under work permit visa and we are not allowed to study in this country. He looked upset but I told him by next year I could possibly get my residency and enroll in school.

By the time he was leaving he was encouraging me to go for it as he said by age 31 I will be a doctor. And I paused, give him a big smile and told him, “Sir I’m already 31.” 

Now the question still lingers in my mind, should I proceed to be a doctor?


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