Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gold in an IRA

My mom told me that one good investment is jewelries especially gold, since the value does not depreciate. I remember one scene in Dear John movie; John and his father were asking for the value of the coin that John had found. And they were advised to keep the money for it would eventually cost a million of bucks after many years. From then on collecting coins became John’s father habit.

One article I read and learned from goldcoinsgain.com is that if you had purchased a $25,000 of gold bullion coins in early 70’s you could sell it today in as much as $ 524,999.00. That’s a lot of money, isn't it? How much more the 401k Gold? I just can’t imagine how their values multiply in to thousands of bucks.

If you have gold right now, think for a long term goal. Maybe currently, the cost is high but I tell you, keeping it in a gold IRA is like growing a money tree. Gold in an IRA is the ultimate asset; it’s the oldest yet durable well-preserving asset on the planet. With IRA gold you are ensuring your family's future when it comes to financial security.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Finally the result of LET exam was released; and I passed!!! I knew I’ll make it though I only spent two hours of self review for just a month since I’m working. Thanks to the PNU reviewer I purchased through ebay.ph. It was really a big help especially that I only studied the professional education for a semester and during Sundays.

I am now Teacher-Engineer Marianne (LOL). I passed the exam for electronics engineer last November 2004. Since I resigned from my job at Manila as an engineer, I never had a chance to work here in Davao that is in line with my profession, though I really love to. But fate changes… I came from a family of teacher then maybe I am also destined to teach. I’m following my mom’s footsteps something that I didn’t want to do ever in my life. I hope it will turn out to be perfect or at least I can find fulfillment in teaching profession.

I'm haunted with this question: "Should I burrow my license as engineer and embrace the heroic life of a teacher?"

Saturday, May 22, 2010

When to Cash Advance?

I receive a meager salary, but I'm proud to say I never tried to cash advance. It's the last thing that I'll do in case I'm running out of money. I'm lucky I have family whom I can easily borrow money without interest.

I cannot blame my colleagues if the checks they receive are already spent before pay day. With the economic recession that we are now experiencing, life is getting harder. Even purchasing for our basic needs is already a burden.

Nowadays, due to economic downturn, making loans is not that easy, background checking, account loan history, the need to have collateral, etc. But one online service can help you in making loans. The “Money Now! USA” can give there outstanding service by connecting you to over 150 credit loan providers where you can cash advance with the best interest rate. It's open to all US Citizen above 18 years of age and have a checking or savings account to enjoy the payday advances.

Although this really a help, I'd like to give some advices: cash advances is applicable in case you really need the money; learn to budget your money - cut-off the unnecessary expenditures (actually there are many tips on savings);and make sure you'll be able to pay the amount you borrow - borrow only the amount that you are capable to pay.

I am not against to cash advancement or loans. I cannot even promise to myself not to borrow money but in such a case, I'll only do it when I badly needed money – that's in case of emergency!

I Am Betty La Fea

Finally my braces are installed. And I hate my looks... LOL.... my nieces and nephews called me Betty la Fea....LOL... They were just like my bestfriends that's why it's easy for them to tease and call me “names.” But I love those kids... I love being around with them. I am their contrabida (villain) aunt... LOL....

My adorable nieces and nephews

But honestly they're so sweet to me. They made me greeting cards on my birthday and on Christmas. I even made a deal with them that if ever I'll never get married then they will be my caregiver when I get old. LOL....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Importance of Web Hosting

Small businesses are budding around the World Wide Web. You may find your business is decade behind but hey the rat race had just begun. All you’ve got to do is have an attractive and convincing website. But website alone cannot be seen throughout the world without a web host. Web hosting will make your site accessible or viewable around the globe through the server that stores the entire site’s data.

There are many web hosting you can choose from. Although free webhosting is limited when you say building of your website, but I suggest you try this to give you taste of what is hosting all about. At least you know what you are investing. Look for free web hosting that will let you upgrade to a paid plan. And do a lot of research: for example web hosting features, customer support team, the package that they offer, etc. Coz It’s better if you know before you spend

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Lost Focus

Walking while bringing files of report, when I reached the door… I stopped for a while and asked myself, “What I am doing here?” Only to found out that I was in the wrong office…

Texting and then found out that the last word wasn’t the appropriate one…

After trying to record on my mind the words of my boss as giving me instructions… I end up asking “what is it again?” ….

This is what I am currently experiencing – LOST IN FOCUS...

I’m thinking a lot of things that I wanted to have, to do, to accomplish. But none of these are completed… always half baked… And honestly I’m frustrated with myself and I became more pessimists and easily get irritated over little things.

My mom suggested to me to meditate. It helps more concentrated and focus. I tried this when I’m in high school and it truly works. Maybe I have to try this again to condition my mind since as we all know what the mind can conceive the body can achieve. It’s Mind Power!

Monday, May 17, 2010

4th Appointment for My Teeth Braces

Super excited to see my dentist, finally my teeth brace will be installed. …

On my way going to my dentist’s clinic my phone rang. It was one of the staffs of my dentist informing me that my two teeth will be extracted. And honestly I was disappointed. I want to back out. I thought I cannot give up my two teeth for my braces. But on the other hand, I was thinking of all the process that I have gone through, not to mention the amount I already spent for my teeth braces. Although it’s hard for me, still I decided to let my teeth extracted.

The whole process sucks. As my dentist tried to pull my teeth, this may sound crazy, but I thought my teeth were crying, begging me to discontinue it. It’s very painful. It was like losing someone closed to my heart. (LOL…) I wouldn’t want to undergo this process again.

By the way, I already have teeth braces on my lower teeth. And have to be back after a week for the upper. (Sigh)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Molar Separators

I cannot chew foods well because my gum are swelling. I think this is the effect of molar separators, a tiny rubber band-like, inserted in between my molars.

At first it was like having a food stuck in between my teeth. I’m even playing with it with my teeth. It’s like eating a hard gum. But as days passed by it’s getting more painful. I felt like my teeth are moving forward. I’m even tempted to get rid of it by using toothpick. But I know I have to undergo this process for me to have perfect teeth. LOL...

2nd and 3rd Appointment for My Teeth Braces

2nd Appointment:

After my orthodontist studied my teeth profile she called me for an appointment for teeth cleaning and molar separators will be inserted between my molars.

Unfortunately she discovered three teeth that need to be restored (pasta).

3rd Appointment:

I know there no such word as rerestore. Actually the teeth that need to be restored were already restored but need to be restored again. That’s why I called it rerestored. It was a very tiring process because you have to open your mouth wide most of the time. And it took 2 hours to finish the whole process.
My dentist was telling me to relax my tongue because it moves, actually it’s moving involuntarily. I cannot control it. And she’s getting impatient with me. I hope she understand that it’s not easy lying down the whole two hours with mouth widely open. LOL… So what her assistant did is hold my tongue using the suction tube.

But the sacrifices are all worth it. At least my teeth especially the front one was restored properly.

Few days to go and my braces will be installed. By the way the molar separators were already inserted.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kalabo for Cough

With sudden change of weather it is expected that the partner of it is flu, cough or fever. That’s why take a dose of vitamins C. But if you’re already suffering from those sicknesses, I suggest Kalabo (oregano) leaves. Though taste is awful but it’s very effective. We always use this as one of our natural home remedies. My family prefers herbal than manufactured medicines. But of course as old reminder goes: “If symptoms persist consult your doctor.”

Need for A Desk Lamp

I admit I sleep in my parent’s room… Ooopppsss!!!! I’m not mama’s girl or papa’s girl! (LOL…) I sleep there because it’s the only room with air conditioner. Its summer and temperature skyrocketed to 35 degree Celsius. Blame it to El Niño! Anyway my parents love the thought that I sleep with them (LOL).

But I feel guilty. I think I’m one of the reasons why my mom’s weight dropped. Since I sleep late at night, doing some stuff like reading, blogging, texting, etc, inside their room, then my mom can’t sleep well because of the light. But by mother’s nature, she won’t admit that she doesn’t like it…

Sometimes I worked in our living room or in our mini library so that she’ll be able to sleep well. But once I get inside she’ll be awaken and she’ll had a hard time on sleeping back. Also, she doesn’t want me to work outside their room because of the blood-thirsty army of mosquitoes.

I’m thinking of buying a desk lamp; at least the light is minimize and I can still work for the things I needed to do. There are many summer lights sale out there at least I can purchase one with a lesser price from its original. What do you think?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Newest Blog

I created a new blog; it’s a compilation of forwarded text messages, sayings and sentences I love quoted from books that I read. To make it more attractive I added cartoons which I personally draw here’s my very first drawing for my blog – Quotes/Sayings/Text Messages.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fire Prevention

It was hot midday; El Niño is getting worse here in Davao. As usual we are experiencing rotating brownout and it’s longer than the previous month. Thus when the light suddenly off one afternoon, it wasn’t new to me, only that afternoon something is unusual with the fluctuating current. The lights shut off by 12 noon but returns after a few minutes, then off then return. By two pm, the light totally shut off, but I’m wondering why the aircon was was still on…

Until I heard screams outside. The main switch was starting to spark. And everbody was in panicked; two of the fire extinguisher was not working, good thing there is a spare and was able to put the fire off on time.

The incident had thought me lessons:

1. There should be regular check up of electrical wirings of your house or buildings
2. Check the pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher regularly to ensure its functionality.
3. There should be training on how to use fire extinguisher and on how to put off the fire (such as you cannot use water on fire when the cause is faulty electrical wirings).
4. (Worst scenario) Make sure to insure your house or office buildings. If you’re not prepared for a long term insurance then temporary insurance will do.

These are just simple tips from me. Hope you learn something…

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Trip to Hagimit Falls

I was supposed to attend an exam for a job last May 3. But since the location is in a subdivision located in an island, the Island Garden City of Samal, I asked my boyfriend to accompany me.
When we are at the location, my boyfriend discouraged me. He’s just concerned since the place is secluded and the employer who emailed me about the job is a Korean. I agreed with him although I was a bit disappointed and wanted to really try it.
Instead of going back to Davao City we decided to explore the island. This is what I wanted a long time ago. You know I’m quiet adventurous. It just that I do not know anybody, who like me, wants to explore the beauty of nature.
Anyway, I was surprised my bf knew some good spots in the island. I never thought that aside from white beaches the island has its secret beauty in the heart of it – the Hagimit falls. I was delighted by the beauty of its blue green water guarded by tall trees; the sound of the falling water is so relaxing making me want to jump and feel its coolness. But as I said I went there for an exam thus, not wearing the proper attire for swimming.
But hey! I didn’t leave the place without dipping my feet in it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jobs Fair

It’s Labor day. I can still remember how I spent last year’s labor day - jobs fair day…

Hoping to be hired in a prestigious company, as early as 6 am I went to Gaisano Mall of Davao wearing corporate attire, well comb hair, resume printed in a very expensive printer, and well rehearsed on the possible question that the interviewer might ask. I tell you it isn’t easy to get inside the mall. Gosh! I can’t imagine how many are jobless. Honestly it’s a desperate view when you’re at the 2nd floor and looking at the hopeless people seeking for a job. It’s the scenario that I promise to myself I would never go again. It doesn’t help anyway.

When I submitted my resume, three employees told me that they will just call; whether they’ll hire me or reject me. But look 365 days had passed by and I didn’t receive any single call. I don’t believe I’m less competent, with the knowledge and skills I gained both from school and my work experience. I think Job’s fair is only a black propaganda!

If you’re looking for a job... You better stay in your home rather experience what I experience. And anyway jobs is just right in your screen. All you’ve got to do is explore the world wide web.


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