Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We Love Pink!

Pink – is our motif for this Christmas 2010. Everybody participated except for my brother in-law who thought that we’ll wear the usual red, my uncle – a surprise visitor, and me nephew who forgot his pink shirt at their home. Anyway whatever color of the dress we wore that night doesn’t matter.


My parents with my uncle



My sister Jeia surely miss this event



Picture taking by family

DSC01039  DSC01047 DSC01067DSC01044DSC01043


The Super excited kids under the Christmas tree



Gift giving

DSC01116 DSC01152DSC01119 



Exuberating with happiness while playing DSC01163

Monday, December 27, 2010


Design When it comes to marketing a product, advertising through text or words is not as attractive as ads with photos or graphics. Because most of us are visual; we tend to recognize the picture first then read what the picture want to relay. Sometimes graphics alone speaks to what it wants to address to the people. That’s why if you observe all [or if not all at least 99% of the] products has its own logo.

Logo designing is in demand online job nowadays. Website owner are also making its trademark through logo. For blogger a logo or simply called a button is also displayed and used for exchanging links to co-blogger. In this way they will be able to attract readers or visitors of their website. The more attractive the logo you have the more visitors you will get.

Designing for your product or site logo can be a daunting task. You can either hire a graphic artist to do it or if you are artistic and know some graphic application, like Adobe Photoshop, you can make your personalize logo. If you are novice with graphic designing but want to make the logo by yourself then you can visit for logo design tips.



(photo: from Google)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Party, Party under Banana Trees

Quiet busy this Christmas season, preparing for the big event this Christmas and attending different parties. Anyway here’s a quick peek on our party-party under banana trees.



My nephew and nieces enjoying their lunch inside the banana plantation



It’s a tradition that my father and his partners organize party for  their laborers. Just a simple preparation.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tiangge: A Christmas Bazaar For-a-Cause

Tiangge Proud to say... Uhhmmm... I designed the tarpauline

Our office established a Tiangge, a Christmas Bazaar for a cause. That’s why I have not posted recently. I assisted on deciding and putting prices on the items. Most of the items are pre-used or pre-loved but are still in good condition. While preparing the items, I can’t control myself but buy things that are actually super extra large for me. Well actually I have plans for these items. I got the idea of redoing of revising the dress into something that really looks and fits me well from New Dress A Day Blog of Marissa Lynch. Ohh! Speaking of dress redo, I actually made my first project. Check it out in my craft blog.

Making fun with the dresses. We modeled for it, unfortunately the photographer only captured the dresses. LOL

Big Dress

I bought this super extra large dress. i already know what to do with this cute dress. LOL

Kasuotan Dress

Look! It’s Kasuotan


On the second day of Bazaar, my fashionista boss brought her pre-loved items: jewelries, dress, shoes, and bags prizes ranges from a Php 5.00 to Php 1,000. The most expensive that I’m referring is the DM’s shoes. I think the prize is reasonable.

And bought this pair of sandal for my mom. I know she’ll love this.brown Sandal

Her items were actually the most awaited in the bazaar. For we know her as super trendy and sophisticated.

The bazaar will run till December 22….. More cool items are coming. And I’m out of my budget.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pre-Christmas Celebration

Christmas is also our family reunion. And everybody is looking forward to this big day. As mentioned in my previous post, we had pre-Christmas celebration last November 29.

The kids were busy decorating the Christmas tree. Before I was hands-on with decorating and a little selfish (…LOL…) because I want to decorate the house all by myself. As I grow older I realized doing such as activity is merrier when everybody is participating. My role now? I am officially their photographer.

Christmas Decorating

Angel Decorating Decorating

Baby, Hannah was so eager to do her part…… throwing the balls. LOL..

Christmas Tree

After lunch, mama facilitated the drawing of names for the exchange gifts. We started the exchanging gift last year. Kids are given budget to buy gifts for their manito. The purpose of this is to teach them the value of giving.

Drawing of Names

Supposed to be it’s a secret, but these young ladies can’t keep it. Too excited perhaps. LOL



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