Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dining Room

      I love this dining room. Except that it’s too formal, I want it simpler. But it generally describe what my dining room would be if I’ll have my own house. A wide door opens onto the garden (I’m planning to have a manmade waterfall or fountain instead of a pool) provides an extension of my dining area especially when there is an occasion, often, we always had this family reunion. This is really ideal for our big family, 31 and counting more ;-). 

     Big and wide windows are also good. Since both windows and door are good source of fresh air. Plus overviewing of beautifully landscape garden would give us an exceptional ambience.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Earth Hour

Let’s vote earth by switching off our lights for one hour on March 28, 8:30-9:30 PM. For more info please visit

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Double D Must-Have for 2009

My top 2 must-have/must-owned this year: 

1. Dental brace – I’m desperate to have this installed on my teeth. But, last February 28, I’m disappointed when the orthodontist gave me a quotation of Php 50,000 – 100,000 charge for the dental brace. Of course in the mid of crisis, I don’t think it’s practical to spend that much especially that my salary is so meager. My solution: Consult other orthodontist, maybe they offer a lower price.

2. Digital Camera/ Video Camera – Since my sister went abroad, we don’t have a camera to capture momentss. 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Winning Against BIG C

     Honestly I love to write. It’s my way of expressing my feelings when I’m down and almost giving up. [Anyway, I’m a secretive type of person, I don’t want to involve anybody ‘coz I don’t want to become a burden to them.] Writing eases my pains and usually made me smile. Smile? Yes! ‘ Coz after reading my write-ups I was able to laugh and realized that the pains or whatever problem I wrote were not as big as I thought.

     But I usually kept my write-ups hidden in a box. Because, I have this big fear of BIG C – Criticism! I hate being criticized. I admit I’m not good in grammar. That’s why when my professor in my masteral degree required us to create a blog; I have this “Oooooohhhh!!! [rolled eyes]” reaction. But as I visited some blogs, I was inspired to create another blog, this blog – Spices of my Life. But it’s actually my sister Jeia who inspired me to create a blog. She started blogging in since last year and I really enjoyed reading her blogs. Through blogging I was able to know more about her. 

     Another person whom I wanted to credit this blog is my mother, who believes that I have the talent to write. (Anyway, she admitted to me that she reads some of my write-ups. Hahaha!!!). 

     So, as you can see, some of my previous blogs were written a long time ago (actual dates of writing were written after each blog). I’m just unfolding those chapters of my life and want to share the beauty of my life with you.

     Afraid being criticized on my grammar??? Of course, this time it’s a big N.O., Instead I’ll treat it as a BIG DOUBLE C - Constructive Criticism. 

Monday, March 2, 2009



this is how we call my sister jean.

A very jolly person.

She smiles so dearly

but she laughs out loud, 

My mother will always say, "Refine my dear"

But will laugh even louder! 

like the whole village could hear her.

But we love her laugh,

coz it brings joy to our home.

And I miss it, 

I miss her.

Yes, our family really miss her.

She's a thousand miles away from us

But, her laugh will always echo in our heart!

~~We miss you Jeia~~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Journey to Nemo's Kingdom

2008 is International Year of Reefs. I did not know it until I read from the PDI newspaper, dated Sept. 15, 2008. I can’t help it but reminisce my underwater experience – my journey to the coral reefs.

40 feet below

When my sister invited me to join diving, I was with these mix emotions: TERRIFIED - what if there is a large hungry human eater creature with sharp fangs waiting for me … will it attack my skinny body?; ANXIOUS – what if my oxygen tank or other paraphernalia is defective, or what if underwater I will run out of oxygen?; AFRAID – what if my guide has brain disorder and will left me under the sea (I don’t know how to swim! Gosh)….. will this be the end of my life? … But I was not defeated by those tainted negative feelings. Perhaps I am 99% EXCITED!!! I was thrilled by the thought of meeting the sea creatures.

Despite of my inability to swim, I still volunteered to dive first with the first batch of our group (see how excited I am!?). While preparing my gears and other paraphernalia my heart thumps so loudly, I am already experiencing difficulty breathing (God, will this be my last minutes to see the beauty of earth? .. hehe.. what an imagination). I was really uncomfortable with my super tight suit, and to tell you it’s really heavy plus the oxygen tank at my back, I think I am carrying 50% of my weight or more. I can’t stand alone. In fact, there were two of them who help me stand…. And wooossshh!!!! Splash the cold water! I made it! I had jumped from the ‘banka’.

With my Diving Master, Toto

While in the water, my diving master,Toto teach me the breathing technique using the mouthpiece. He let me swim 2 feet below the sea level. I thought it was easy, but I was totally wrong... I can’t breathe, I panicked!!! And came to the point, I almost surrendered. But I thought why I should waste this opportunity… if others can then I can also do it. So I signaled Toto with my OK sign.

As we start our journey down to the paradise of the sea, I felt calmness inside. I don’t know how, but my angst subsided. Indeed, I felt the inner peace that I am longing.

My eyes widened with excitement as I saw the differently colored coral reefs - soft and so delicate. I saw school of fish that comes in different shapes and colors, and yes the familiar white-orange striped fish was there… Nemo?....Yes, it’s him… he was really playful. He’s not afraid with me, in fact he played with me, I was able to hold him with my bare hand. He even accompanied me in my journey to their Kingdom.

I can’t help, but offer a little prayer, thanking God for such beautiful scenery. It’s a magnificent view! Truly He is the greatest artist, and nobody can surpass Him.

Although one hour of staying underwater is not enough, I have to say goodbye to my sea creature-friends before running out of oxygen. Hoping that someday I’ll come back and meet them as beautiful as they are.

A simple gesture of saying thank you and goodbye


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