Winning Against BIG C

     Honestly I love to write. It’s my way of expressing my feelings when I’m down and almost giving up. [Anyway, I’m a secretive type of person, I don’t want to involve anybody ‘coz I don’t want to become a burden to them.] Writing eases my pains and usually made me smile. Smile? Yes! ‘ Coz after reading my write-ups I was able to laugh and realized that the pains or whatever problem I wrote were not as big as I thought.

     But I usually kept my write-ups hidden in a box. Because, I have this big fear of BIG C – Criticism! I hate being criticized. I admit I’m not good in grammar. That’s why when my professor in my masteral degree required us to create a blog; I have this “Oooooohhhh!!! [rolled eyes]” reaction. But as I visited some blogs, I was inspired to create another blog, this blog – Spices of my Life. But it’s actually my sister Jeia who inspired me to create a blog. She started blogging in since last year and I really enjoyed reading her blogs. Through blogging I was able to know more about her. 

     Another person whom I wanted to credit this blog is my mother, who believes that I have the talent to write. (Anyway, she admitted to me that she reads some of my write-ups. Hahaha!!!). 

     So, as you can see, some of my previous blogs were written a long time ago (actual dates of writing were written after each blog). I’m just unfolding those chapters of my life and want to share the beauty of my life with you.

     Afraid being criticized on my grammar??? Of course, this time it’s a big N.O., Instead I’ll treat it as a BIG DOUBLE C - Constructive Criticism. 


  1. HI! Nice blog! I agree with your mother, you do have the talent to write.

  2. Go...go... go....
    cge write lang ng write...
    don't mind others na lang...
    as long as we know how to express ourselves!!!


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