Design When it comes to marketing a product, advertising through text or words is not as attractive as ads with photos or graphics. Because most of us are visual; we tend to recognize the picture first then read what the picture want to relay. Sometimes graphics alone speaks to what it wants to address to the people. That’s why if you observe all [or if not all at least 99% of the] products has its own logo.

Logo designing is in demand online job nowadays. Website owner are also making its trademark through logo. For blogger a logo or simply called a button is also displayed and used for exchanging links to co-blogger. In this way they will be able to attract readers or visitors of their website. The more attractive the logo you have the more visitors you will get.

Designing for your product or site logo can be a daunting task. You can either hire a graphic artist to do it or if you are artistic and know some graphic application, like Adobe Photoshop, you can make your personalize logo. If you are novice with graphic designing but want to make the logo by yourself then you can visit logomojo.com for logo design tips.



(photo: from Google)


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