An Angel Named Glenda

I was so upset last week. There`s a woman in our workplace who always find fault on me. She`s so mean! She gave comments that are untrue and she shows disappointment on me. Even on our first meeting I can sense her dislike on me. I never met this kind of person in my entire life and never expect it to happen here in Canada.

Although there`s no truth of what she says about me, I was still hurt at that time. Making me feel worse. I`m emotionally torture! I want to go home and curled in to my comfort zone. But that`s impossible to happen.

God knows that I`m down and so He sent an Angel...

There was an old woman, on her 80`s, who smiled at me. I just smiled back but never approached her. Until she called my attention. Her smile is so genuine. I know she`s good. I can feel it.

We exchange conversation for a while, her fragile hand hold mine and told me this line that strucks me and made me feel better; this phrase that would live in me forever ``continue doing good things, and you will be blessed``.

This angel is named Glenda. She`s a God sent to me..

How wish I can hug her and thank her for comforting me with those kinds words. I know God will bless her too...


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