When Mom's Eyes Met Mine

Days before my departure, I felt really excited, that going to Canada does not sink on me. I was just thinking at that time that I will only spend vacation there. I guess its good, because my father doesn't want to see me crying or else he would feel lonely and will be spending sleepless nights just like when I was in Manila 4 years ago.

At the airport, on the date of my departure, when I was about to go inside, and start hugging them I tried not to get an eye to eye contact I don't want to go crying, I know my sister did cry. So I was hugging them one by one laughing and assuring them that I'll be away to spend a long vacation.

But when mom's eyes met mine, the feeling of loneliness just invade in me, the excitement seems to fade and my heart is screaming “I don't want to leave you!!!” But I know I just can't do that. I know this is just for the meantime.

Until now I can see my mom's sad eyes. And this makes me sad. How I wish I didn't go to Canada but I know going here is just part of my journey to reach my goals in life.


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