Senior Citizen’s Christmas Party

There are lots of memories about parties that I can post here but there are two precious memories that will always linger in my heart: our family Christmas celebration and the Senior Citizen Christmas party last year.


For this week I will post about the Senior Citizen Christmas Party. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of last year’s party but lucky enough ‘coz my sister uploaded photos of this year’s party in our family FB page. Looking at the photo brings me back to last year’s party...

My father was the Baranggay President for Senior Citizen Association. It was a very simple party held in the Baranggay’s covered court attended by more or less 50 members. You can see the excitement in their faces. Although they moved slowly they still participated on different games. I remember one old man walked out because he lose in the game. They are like kids but are harder to please. Anyway the whole party was fun and ended with ballroom dance for everybody.

For this year, the president is my mother (my parents are both active in our community). I was not in the party to help her. But my sisters and my nieces and nephews were there to assist them.
Photos for this year’s party….
Jingles per group
Parlor Games
And some members of our family who showed their support…
On this photo: Sister Ging, her daughter Love, nephew Ernie, sister Pearl, and her daugter Lovhea


  1. wow! mukhang enjoy ang mga senior's citizen. my grandmother is also active in their SC group. may christmas party din. =) thanks for dropping by.

  2. Looks they have lots of fun. Visiting from MLM!

    mine is here

  3. awwww!! this is a nice party! very heartwarming..I would love to be a part of such party if given the chance. :)..They truly deserve to be happy on Christmas.


  4. Sorry for the late visiting. I saw your comment on my spam folder. :(

    Ang saya naman. It is good to share happiness to old folks. <3

    From for MLM. <3

  5. wow that is a fun party. Ang saya ng mga Senior citizens... that's priceless...

  6. btw, my entry is here:

  7. awww look at the young at hearts, aren't they sweet and having the best time of their life :-) Returning the love for Memory Lane Monday, thank you for the visit. I do appreciate it.

  8. wow, super saya naman....nakakaaliw!

  9. bibo kaayo sis, nice to see elderly people active and having fun too. :)

  10. Awe! Looks like they really had so much fun! glad to be here!SENYWILSON

  11. wow!! What fun way to spend your christmas party! you sure put smiles on those faces... very noble of you. congrats! returning back some love from MLM so sorry this has taken its time. Merry Christmas!

    Raya of


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