Where’s the maple leaf?

Time goes by so fast. I can’t believe its fall again. 

But where’s the maple leaf? This is my second fall but never seen the famous maple leaf of Canada. I thought I can find it anywhere I go here since it’s the country’s emblem. Maybe the government should do about it, like requiring every town to plant some maple trees.

 LOL... who am I to say this. Anyway just a thought; a tourist like me would love to hold a maple leaf with a big grin on the face. 

 My sissy took this photo at Vancouver


  1. Hi Ms yannie,

    Katy here of BC Bloggers. I am the owner of i write about and pretty in pink. Do you mind if we link exchange too here:


    Please let me know..thanks much

    1. Hi Kat! I don't mind it. I visited your site, but I can't leave comment.


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