Spices of My Life is Now PR 2!


“Seriously???? PR 2??”

Of course it made me happy after several years of trying to get my PR 3 back; finally I got at least PR 2. It just surprise me because this blog is long neglected. I don’t even promote much this blog because I don’t earn much from here. Besides this is not a self-hosted blog, one of the DAs preferences.

But since it’s now PR 2 much as well take care of it. I don’t want to lose it again. Anyway Social Spark has been generous to me and they are willing to advertise here.

So I guess I need to double my effort or should I say triple to update and promote three blogs.


  1. wooh! congrats on your new pagerank,. hope you'l get your PR3 back.. :) GODbless

    take time to visit me too @

  2. congrats Yan! ako mao ra gihapon. walay pagbabago. pero thank God naa gihapon mga opps from SS, LV Payu and some DAs. mao alagaan jud nato kay maayo na lang. re bank account: online akong bank statement yan unya i was told na frozen to na account pero tingala lang ko kay ngano gikuhaan ug withdrawal fees. anyway, ako ra nya to i-ask sa akong financial adviser. hehehe. thanks for the visit.

    1. Akong 2 blogs same gihapon. Kani nga wa kaayo na ko pansina nag 2 na nuon. hehe


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