Meet Sansa

Hi everyone! I would like to introduce to you the newest member in our family – Sansanamed after one of the characters of “Game of Thrones”. She’s a mixed of collie, german shepherd, and labrador, so she’s expected to be a biiiiggg dog.

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We got her last 13th of September through a local online garage Facebook fan page for free!

We were hesitant at first to get a dog especially that we have to house her inside our place. It would be a great work for us to maintain a stink-free and clean house. But we finally gave in and decided to own one – we love dog!

Surprisingly, Sansa is a smart puppy. She knows when she likes to poop. So everytime she cries we know we have to let her out. My sister bought a special mat where she pees. (I will make separate post about this mat, because honestly I am amazed with this product).

Her being playful and sweet is our stress reliever. She brings joy to us, especially to me since I am always left alone in our place.

Oh, by the way, her first name was Gunner thinking she’s a boy until my sister brought her to a vet today to schedule for an appointment. Haha….


  1. Hello Sansa.. I'm a dog lover too ! my dos is Sophie a mix dauschan and shitzu so she's a hairy hotdog hehe...


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