Annoying Phone Call from Owtel

I was so tired last night so I went to bed around 8:00 but I was awakened with the ring of my phone from “unknown” number. I totally forgot to set the “do not disturb”on my phone. But because I was expecting a call from somebody I answered it only to find out it’s a call from an agent of Owtel. I was so pissed off because I can’t go back to sleep. That was 10:30 in the evening and I have to get up 4:30 in the morning. Probably I finally fell asleep at 2:00 am.

I understand the work of an agent that it is part of their job but hopefully they’ll check the time zone of the one that they’re calling. Besides there were many Owtel agents that have been calling me from time to time albeit I already said I am not interested with their service. Hope they will stop contacting me.


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