Should I Proceed to Take a Medicine Course?

I met this French Old Guy at work, nope he’s not a boyfriend wanna be, but he became a friend. Last Saturday he told me that he will see me as a doctor someday.  I laughed at him but it hit me! His words echoed in me, I was disturbed on that day fascinating that I am a doctor… thinking why I haven’t thought of it when I chose my career path. And to the point I researched the qualifications to enter in medicine school. It’s not too late.

Two days after that conversation, he handed me a brochure of a school and told me to take qualification exam this month. He said he’ll pay for my first and last course. I don’t know if he was serious or not. But I was elated at that moment. Until I realized I can’t do it for the fact that I am under work permit visa and we are not allowed to study in this country. He looked upset but I told him by next year I could possibly get my residency and enroll in school.

By the time he was leaving he was encouraging me to go for it as he said by age 31 I will be a doctor. And I paused, give him a big smile and told him, “Sir I’m already 31.” 

Now the question still lingers in my mind, should I proceed to be a doctor?


  1. Pursue your dream.. Be happy and fulfilled :)

  2. Go Yannie! I wish I could tell my husband this one, I so wanted him to practice his profession here, but the process is way too lengthy plus the costs, plus it discourages employment (at the time of schooling), so we might end up living in the streets if he does that.. hehehe... but if you can, go go go!

    1. mao lagi oi. pero tapol lang ko. makatawa lang ko sa ako customer kay sgi pamugos. gidal-an na ko ug books.

      pero as of now dili pa ko wede mag schooling kay under working visa man ko


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