Finding My Passion

A week after this French guy encouraged me to take medicine course; he gave me two hardbound books related to the course. Knowing that I cannot enroll for now, he told me to read the books so that I am prepared by the time I will be admitted to the university. He also told me to contact him so that he can send more books.

I admit I was excited with the thought that I will be studying again. But after evaluating myself, I guess I will not pursue it. The very reason is that it’s a long process to be a doctor, at my age I don’t think it’s practical to pursue it unless if it’s my obsession.

Sure it’s nice to be a doctor but to be effective you've got to have the passion to give your best service to your clients.

Ever since I am into arts… the more I want to pursue other than this the more I get frustrated because I cannot find myself having the interest with it. That happened to me when I took engineering course and masters in Information Technology. I have the degree and license but I cannot find the love and the burning enthusiasm with it.

What I want is the feeling of excitement as I woke up in the morning and having insomnia attack because ideas are flooding into my mind. I know I am more effective and I can deliver my best when I am like that.

For now, I am rekindling with my love for art. Slowly part of me that I thought died a long time ago is awaken again with the burst of colors of ideas… may I find my way back to where my heart is.


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