I Almost Wrecked a Relationship

Finally done with my sister's baby shower. It was a success. Next is buying Christmas presence. It is so tiring and confusing what to give especially that we live in town where you can find limited items to give. And sometimes [I admit] it felt like giving Christmas presence is an obligation especially when you think of their expectation. Or maybe it was just me. I know it shouldn't be like that.

Then here comes my friend's birthday. I was thinking of flowers to be delivered in her place. I thought it was the best, the only problem is I don't know her address. Then my prayer was answered when I saw my friend having lunch with her husband. I had to secretly asked for my friend's addressed and I was thinking the best way to do that is to phone her husband. Little did I know it ruined their date. My friend walked-out from the restaurant after my call.Then her husband approached me that my act caused trouble. Learning it made me feel so bad. Worst situation ever!

Luckily I saw my friend walking across the street. I was chasing her despite the snowy path. But very wrong timing when I have to cross the street and wait for the stop light. Just imagine two stop lights. It felt like longest wait for the stop light.

I can't find my friend when I finally crossed the street. But I just follow my intuition. Good thing I found her in the middle of busy people cramming for Christmas eve. 

I was catching my breathe when I was trying to tell her that I was the one that his husband had the conversation over the phone earlier for my birthday present for her. I kept on apologizing and almost break-out until she gave the reassuring hug. 

My intention was pure and for the good. The whole drama thing wasn't part of the plan. I suck with surprises.


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