Nude Efffect Using Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup

I received a Covergirl Trublend Liquid Makeup in Golden Beige M3 shade thru BzzAgent. 

To be honest I am hesitant to use this product since I read a lot of reviews that it caused them skin breakouts. I’m scared because I’m prone to it. But I have to try it and deal with the problem later when it will exist.

First impression is that the shade I chose is too light for my skin color. I might look like a white lady. But surprisingly it is not. It actually blends well on my skin creating a nude effect. It doesn’t totally cover blemishes but somehow it lightens its appearance. It also minimizes the appearance of my pores.

My other concern about this product is that it might be oily. But actually not. As you blend the product to your skin it actually looks like you are applying powder.

Nude effect with Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup

As of the breakout concern, well currently have some tiny pimples but I can’t really tell if its caused by the product or due to hormonal change. I will be using it daily and see  if it will cause any skin problem.


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