Ways To Dress Up Your Home With Old Items

Before you throw away that old shirt, you may want to consider what you can do to recycle it and make it useful again. You can dress up your home and give it a touch of your own personality by using the old items you find around the house. You are also helping the environment by putting less garbage into landfills and reusing old items.

Window Picture Frames

One of the best ways to reuse old windows is to turn them into picture frames and hang them around your house. You can get beautiful scenery images online and put them into each segment of the frame to get an artistic effect. If you have some larger walls to cover, then you can do the same thing with old wooden door frames as well. 

Make Your Own Curtains

Remember earlier when we told you to keep that old shirt instead of throwing it out? One of the things you can do with that shirt is to sew it together with other shirts to create very unique curtains. You can also use old blankets and bed coverings to create curtains unlike anything anyone else has. You can also get creative with your sewing skills to give your curtains special designs and make them really stand out.

Kitchen Items

Instead of throwing out that old dish strainer, you should reuse it in your home office as a file holder. Used vegetable cans can be cleaned and used as colorful pen holders, or mounted on the walls to be used as places to put wooden spoons and other items. Larger cans can be cleaned out and mounted on the wall with the opening facing out to create some very unique clothes hangers. You can wrap your coat around one of the cans, and then put your keys, wallet and other items inside the can for safe keeping.

Decorative Items

You can take old glass jars and fill them with multi-colored marbles or sand to get a beautiful decorating effect. You can also take old cans and spray paint them different colors and use them as vases or display containers. If you want to get even more creative, then you can spray paint an old glass jar white and decorate it with glue and glitter. Once you get started with ideas for using old items as decorative items around the home, you will be surprised to see how far your imagination takes you.

Instead of throwing items out when you are done with them, you should clean them up and save them. You never know when an old item can be recycled as something new and unique for your home.


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