How to Take Care of Your HVAC System

We all enjoy the benefits that a well-functioning HVAC system provides us with. However, these systems aren't maintenance free, although we may think they are. Fortunately, your HVAC system doesn't require a lot of care. However, it does require consistent care. The care associated with your HVAC system is minimal. A few simple actions performed monthly and seasonally should be all you need to keep your system running well.

Change Your Filters

Your HVAC system will perform best when your air filters are clear and free from excess dust and debris. The recommended change schedule depends on a few factors. These factors all center around you and the details of your lifestyle. If you have pets, you filter should be changed every 60 days. If you or other family members have allergies the change schedule should be adjusted to accommodate that. The general recommendation for allergies and more than one pet is every 20-45 days. However, if you don't have pets or allergies you should change your filter every 90 days.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clean

Your outdoor unit can become cluttered with sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris. As time passes, the foliage builds up and create problems for the fan as well as other parts of the unit. Check your outside unit periodically to make sure it's free and clear of excess twigs and leaves. This will ensure that nothing is impeding the operation of the fan or other moving parts.

Service Your HVAC System Annually

Although the care and recommended maintenance you perform on your system help it to run well, you still need the service of a professional HVAC technician. An HVAC technician can provide an in-depth look at your system and inspect the interior parts of your unit. This is beneficial because this type of service allows the tech to spot potential problems and remedy them before they become out of hand. Plus, a technician will check coolant levels and inspect the coils, as well as a whole host of other things. There is no shortage of hvac jobs in hampton roads. You will find that many companies have plenty of competent technicians capable of maintaining your HVAC system.

It's important that you follow the suggested maintenance and care guidelines for your HVAC system. This will ensure that it continues to run well. You should also make a habit of checking on the outdoor unit from time to time. A yearly service check is also recommended. All the small measures you take to keep your system running well will ensure that it performs well.


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