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(November 2011)


American Idol American idol guide
A Woman’s Note A mom’s thought about life experiences, family journey and parenting.


Blogaholic Mom I heart blogging


Celebrity Diary Celebrity, beauty, fashion, and make up
{cherry} everyday This is where I write about my challenges in the kitchen and elsewhere. Yes again, I’ll attempt to challenge myself everyday. I may falter. I may not be able to do it right but you can be sure that I’ll try to do the challenge every single day.
{cherrylikes} {cherry} likes is a catalog of great and interesting finds from the world wide web and around the world. {cherry} is a mom who has a major spending problem.
Christine’s Favorites A personal blog that I consider as a home for some of my ideas about food, parenting, family life and a lot more. I will also talk about my work, my family, my love for food and of course my inspiration; my kids.
Chromatic Note Notes of our lives
Coffee, Pearls, and A View A celebration of fashion, shopping, lifestyle, and everything red-hot!
Clumsy Clariss you name it, it’s almost there.


Dadedidodu All about being a Dad!
Dreams and Journey A virtual diary of my journey through life, love and dreams in one.


El Oweini’s Life El Oweini’s Life is Jhari’s online journal. She writes about her family, her experiences as a mom of 2 girls, and shares her passion in the world of Digital-Scrapbooking.
E-Travelizer e-Travelizer is an online travel resource which provides an overview of must-visit places. It also features recommended hotels and beaches, travel promos and the world’s beautiful tourist spots.


 Fashion & Travel Siren Fabulous Clothes, Fancy Beauty Tricks, Frivolous Holidays!
Free Scrapbooks This is a free digital scrap book site. You are free to download everything for personal use.


Handy Reviews Handy reviews on everything that matters
Happy Thoughts Life Life, Live Happy
Hawaiian Cruise Your online resource to hawaiian cruises
Hobbytat Hobbytat is about the things we love to do in our pastime or even not. :D
Home Garden Bay Home Garden Bay is a simple guide to DIY, home improvement and landscaping. It highlights DIY home energy, repair and maintenance, and other home innovation ideas.
Hot Stuff Momma is a fashion blog.


It’s All About Life Beauty, make up, fashion, and more


JeanBeltran It’s all about sharing because sharing is loving.
Joy’s Flair Joy’s Flair is a personal blog that talks about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, reviews and opinions of a stay-at-home Mom


Keen Writers This blog is a collaboration of ideas…not confined to: politics, arts, blogging, technology and anything else under the sun.
Kero’s Celebration A personal blog on the adventures of an expatriate life.
KnowYourTune An attempt to be thrifty, stretch the budget and save up some money.


Life’s Tips And Tricks A personal blog where I share my ideas, experiences, feelings, and the joys and thrills of being a woman, a friend, a Mom, a colleague, and an expat.
Living the Beauty of Life My Random thoughts on Parenting, Money Matter, Food Health, News and Current Events
{lowfat} diaries LOW in Fat but HIGH in adventure. This blog has nothing to do with diets and weight loss nor about recipes but you’ll find a lot of good restos here, local and international. Join me as I travel the Philippines and hopefully one day, the whole world. Who’s in for the ride?


Maan My daily grind, snippets of my life in Singapore.
Maid of Honor Dress Your online guide to choosing your maid of honor dress
Mei Chagas A personal blog of a student who shares about her experiences in life, in school and everything that is happening around her.
Me.Mirage A journal of adventures down the exciting road of motherhood, married life and a woman discovering herself.
Miss Adventure Musings of an undomestic goddess
Momma Helps Being a mother for so long, I have learned so many things in life I want to share it with my readers. Lessons that are not always found in the book but through actual experiences.
Mommy Diary Not your average mommy’s diary
MommyGiay A blog about life’s celebration as a mother. It shares stories of my son’s growing up moments. My personal interest in joining online contests and everything in-between.
Mom’s Village Family Blog
My Health and Home Health and Home – two of the most important things in life. One must be healthy to enjoy life and live it to the fullest every single day. Know what is best for you and your loved ones whether it is about exercise, food or treatment for a disease.
Movie Drama Addict A blog that talks about old and new movies, korean drama wave and everything about Hyun Bin, . A site wherein you can find reviews and opinions on latest trend on the world of movie and entertainment, news and everything wherein drama could be found.
My Ideal Home a blog that talks about home improvement.


Nanay Blogs Views of a working weekend mom


Online Istariray beauty and beyond
Orange Nipa notes of people, creations and places we travel to, across the Philippines and Asia


Pasanin Sa Buhay life, politics etc.
Pink Spree personal journal


Redlane Geraine The Other Side of Me


SEO Cyborg SEO Cyborg will be the upcoming wonder machine for search engine optimization. It provides SEO tips and tricks to improve SERP and Page Rank. Increase traffic and sales with guaranteed white-hat strategies.
SEO and Link Building Guide Know more than linking guidelines at SEO and Link Building Guides. Find helpful information about backlinks, search engine optimization and other blogging tips.
Septembercharm A personal blog
Shopfabholic Shopfabholic wants you to shop until you’re fabulous. It provides helpful shopping information such as online promotions, deals and discounts, sale alerts, best buy tips, and even the latest trends! Shopping Has Never Been Fabulous
Spell Fashion! Spell Fashion is an online resource for every fashionable chick, guy and geek. In short, this is the home of fashion-setters and attention-getters. Everyone should spell fashion with excitement and conviction!
Sweety Paula Life is as sweet as I make it!


Tara, Let’s Eat! A blog about my everyday foodie adventures – be it about food trips, testing recipes in my kitchen, or food events in and around the Metro (and sometimes beyond).
TechieKids A blog of a not-so-techie mom about her techie kids and husband, their gadgets and favorite games.
That’s Life Life thoughts, hits, and misses
The 3rd Abode: Fashion Jhari’s 2nd blog. Posts about fashion trends, her type of clothes, bags and shoes. Basically a girl thing.
The Finance Depot “The Finance Depot is a collection of marketing, financial and business ideas. It provides both quick and long-term business solutions in the form of cash or other alternatives. It also tackles passive income in the form of mutual funds, bonds, stocks and other related investments.
the kulasa approach My blog is about point of views and my interests. This includes sharing information on both local and international alternative music scene. Along with these, I share my experiences about life whenever I’m alone or and with my loved ones.
The Life Encounters An online diary of a WAHM. It contains anything under the sun from rants, raves, musings, reviews, etc. A place where adventures and misadventures in life are documented.
Travel Plans Traveling with the kids, one city at a time.


Vienna and Beyond Where to go beyond Vienna…my adventures, stories within and outside an enchanting city.


WAHM sa Pinas Work at home mom in the Philippines
What’s Hot Manila Everything that’s hot in Manila
When Silence Speaks Thoughts of a blogging ex-OFW mom.


Zykies personal journal


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