Should I Wear Make-up?

I never wear make-up ever since I started working. The company where I worked before prohibited us since we are manufacturing electronic parts. Make-up can possibly bring particles inside the plant that may cause the malfunction of tiny products. We were even restricted to use soap and feminine wash that contains talc.
When I transferred to different company my colleagues get notice of my too bland look. They even commented and suggested that I should wear make-up. But this is me. I’m use with my make-up less face. Besides I don’t like putting make-up. Make-up makes me feel like my lips are swelling and my whole face sagging. Haha…

Sometimes I’m tempted to put a light make-up just to add color to my dull face. But at the end I will just remove it. I only use powder and a colored lip balm.
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  2. I think that if you are most comfy without makeup, you shouldn't worry about what others think. :)

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  4. I don't wear makeup unless I'm getting dressed up.

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  5. I always wear Makeup

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  6. I'm right there with you. I might wear make up once or twice a year for party-dress occasions. Feeling comfortable is way more important then what others think. I also believe your skin will thank you for not constantly coating it in junk.

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