Employee Monitoring Software

One big issue we encountered in our office is controlling the employees from using the internet in a correct way. The number one problem when it comes to internet usage is chatting during working hours. Our office does not restrict the employees in chatting since some communications are sent through it. But it seems some of usare using it beyond the limitation.

Second to chatting is surfing social networks – the fastest way of reaching out friends. Oftentimes, these sites distracts the employees from concentrating in doing their jobs leading to a more back jobs.

The MIS office is now planning to purchase an employee monitoring software offered by activtrak.com. It is a software wherein the administrator can supervise what the computer user is doing – whether surfing the net, chatting, or just encoding in a word pad. With this software, the users are aware that they cannot use the internet in personal purposes making them more disciplined in the usage of the internet.

If you’re facing the same issue with your employees, I suggest you visit activtrak.com and watch the video tutorial to learn more how the employee monitoring works.


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