Singles for Christ

I attended the Christian Life Program for Singles for Christ last Sunday. I do not know why I joined because lately I am so discouraged and upset that facing Him is not an option. I even have this feeling that He doesn’t really exist (I honestly felt guilt about this feeling). But on the other hand, I’m thirsty of His messages and longing the life of being God center.

I was active in Youth for Christ (YFC) ten years ago. Praising Him through singing and dancing together with different young adult coming from different places are just few activities that made it enjoyable. It’s different when you are close to Him, no exact word can describe my feelings. My spirit is lifted and everything seems to be light. It’s a magical feeling indeed.

However, studies and some other reasons kept me away from attending activities of YFC. So eventually I’m separated from christian life. I regularly attended Sunday mass, I prayed every night, before meal or sometimes when I wanted to just pray, especially when I’m upset. But it’s totally different. My life as a christian is slowly dying. There come to the point that I want to forget about everything about Him.

God loves me!

Before the speaker started her topic, which is “God’s Love,” we picked rolled paper which I thought a task assigned to us, but it was not! Instead, a Bible scripture was written. I was struck with His message, God really loves me. He did not answer those problems that made me upset, but He send a message assuring me He is with me, and all that I prayed will be answered according to His time.

The Bible Scripture:


O my soul, don’t be discouraged.
Don’t be upset.
Expect God to act!
For I know that I shall again have plenty
of reason to praise Him
for all that He will do.
He is my Help!
He is my God.
~ Psalm 42:11 ~


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