A Very Touching Story

Here’s a very touching story told by Father Jose Ariel Garcia during the values Enhancement Seminar in our office.


Ana (not her real name) was new to the orphanage. She never smiles and never talks. Her face was bland and dull. Because of this nobody wants to befriend with her. So she sleeps alone in her room. A month had already passed but still Ana does not talk.

Until one night, a nun assigned to that orphanage heard a child crying. But as she approaches the room where the sound of crying was heard, she realized that it was not a cry but a voice of a child singing monotonously, “Nanay, asa ka?” (“Mama, where are you?”). She saw Ana curled in one corner, singing the line “Nanay, asa ka?” repeatedly. 

The nun immediately embraced Ana and cuddled her, crying and sung repeatedly “Änak, naa na si nanay.” (“My child, mother is already here”). 

The embrace of the nun and reassuring line “My child, mother is already here,” had made a big impact to Ana’s life, since then Ana smiled, talked and learned to mingle with others. 


I’ve read similar stories like this in Chicken Soup for the Soul. Even just a hug could change the life of a lonely, desperate person. 

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