Dandelion …. Fly where the wind takes you…

Everytime I see a photo of Dandelion, I can’t help myself but bring the childish imagination in me. Just like photos on children’s story book, I picture myself I’m Thumbelina or an insect that ride on a dandelion seeds like parachuting…. No exact direction… but fly where the wind takes me.


I’m just like that… Sometimes I ride on a public (passenger) vehicle without knowing where the destination is. This really thrilled me… I love adventure…


  1. hi there, the photo is sooo lovely.. haven't seen one yet.

    thanks for dropping by..

    have a great day!

  2. You've captured a pretty Dandelion. I liked it! Here is my entry. See you around! Happy WW!

  3. wow! very nice capture sis! riding a jeepney adventure.. hmmm, i don't think i can do that! haha! :)) thanks for joining us this week!

    raya of colors and contrasts

  4. i love adventure, too! i do the same here, i ride a city bus and go somewhere unplanned! :) and oh, i love your dandelion shot! :)

    That is a beautiful capture! :)

    Visiting late for Wednesday Whites! My second post of the Milwaukee Art Museum is my share this week. Come and see how white the inside of the museum is! See you!

  5. oo nga. dandelions are very interesting flowers. Tinkerbell was born from a dandelion that carried a baby's laughter. :D

    visiting from WW

    btw sis, i have a simple guessing game in my blog. please do join:

    Guess how many balls Giveaway


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