Missing Them

Few nights to go and my sister will finally go home after more than 3 years of working here in Canada. Everybody is so excited especially my parents. But there are only four members of the family who know the exact date of her arrival.

The plan is my parents will hold a party at our house for the February birthday celebrators and my mother will give a lecture on goal setting (that’s my mom’s talent).. And then my BIL will fetch my sister at the airport. Probably they will arrive at our house in the middle of the party.

I can’t imagine what will their reactions are and how deafening the noise is when she arrives. You know we are one BIIIIIGGGG happy family – 19 nieces and nephews..... and counting.

On the other hand, I will be left alone. I felt lonely and truly, I miss my family badly. I’m planning to go back home next year when everything is okay.

I choose this path, thus I should stay strong.


  1. hi yannie! where are you in Canada? ;)

    1. Sa Alberta KM. Ikaw sa Canada din ba?

    2. yap, Canada din ako, Yannie. sa Toronto ako for six years, pero nag move ako nung 2011 dito sa States. how long have you been there in Alberta?

    3. 6 months pa lang. tagal mo na pala nag abroad.

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