Herbal Vaporizer: an Alternative to Smoking

Quitting smoking is hard. I’ve heard a lot of people telling me that they’ll quit but on the following days of abstaining smoking they will go back to their bad habit.

My father is one of them. He tried but he find it hard to do. There came to a point that I controlled him and encourage him to stop smoking. Unfortunately, I did not succeed. He just gave me reason that he’s too old to quit. If he can’t quit then perhaps he can use alternative to smoking.

Because of health hazard due to smoking man search for solution of experiencing the relaxing aroma they can get from tobacco without risking their health. Herbal vaporizer is one of innovation as alternative for those who smoke. It is getting popular now a days because of the benefit that a smoker can get from it.

Herbal vaporizer uses heat at moderate temperature to release the herbal essence of any herb material. It’s not burning the herb thus virtually no smoke coming out. So basically you’ll inhale the herb in a form of vapor.

Obviously, this benefit the health of smoker since the user is not exposed to substances that can cause severe damage to lungs like carcinogens, tar and carbon monoxide that is present in smoke. The only downside of this is not as portable and as convenient to bring unlike a cigarette stick. But the benefits of this outweigh the disadvantage of using this herbal vaporizer.

There are several brands and types of herbal vaporizer available in the market. And because of its growing popularity, several changes are made for the users convenience use as well as its quality.

One example brand of herbal vaporizer is the Arizer Solo of Arizer Extreme Q. It`s a brand new hand held portable vaporizer that is built of sturdy aluminum that is highly resistant to scratches, thus, this is ideal for those who are always out and on the go.

It`s easy to use. It has ceramic heating element and 7 heat level that will give you a quality vapor just right for you. The battery charging is only about 2 hours but can lasts more than 4 hours of vaporization.

You can buy Solo Vaporizer from EZVapes.com at $229.00, this includes the Arizer Solo Portable Vaporizer, 2 glass mouthpieces (1 straight and 1 angled), aromatherapy bowl with potpourri sample, AC adapter/charger and instruction manual. Plus when you purchase it in that site you`ll get a free bonus of your choice of a Black or Silver 2-Piece Diamond Grind Mini 40mm aluminum grinder which is $19 value when you buy it alone plus free shipping within 1-2 business days anywhere in US.

The price may appear expensive but try to compute the number of cigarette sticks you can consume each day and you`ll realize that you`ll save great by using herbal vaporizer. And it`s not just the money you can save also your health and your life. Choose a better lifestyle, choose vaporizer.



  1. hmmm.. that sounds great, a more healthful option over smoke..


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