It was a beautiful Sunday morning: it’s17 degrees outside and the wind was calm unlike the other past few days. I am glad that our manager gave me a Sunday off. I can’t remember when the last time I had a Sunday off was.

I decided to attend the mass besides it was mother’s day. As the mass almost ended I imagined my family back home. I miss the whole family. Sunday is always special to us - a family day. We attend Sunday services together. We sit in two or three rows of chair (as I always said we are one big happy family). And go home together... Usually we get together for Sunday lunch and/or until supper. And you just can’t imagine how loud our house is.

Last Sunday, it was only me sitting alone in the back row. My eyes were watery as the mass almost ended. I miss them so much. But seeing familiar faces in the church that became part of my life here in CA was somehow relieved my loneliness.

Close friends approached me (I didn’t noticed they were there then) and invited me for a brunch in a nearby restaurant owned by a Filipina. I don’t know why I said yes (I am not smart enough to say no and find bunch of reasons). Anyway, I need to socialize. My life goes around between work and home and few people. So I guess I made a good decision.

At the restaurant, the children of the owner gave each mom a carnation flower. So sweet of them and they look so cute with their “barong tagalog”. I am the only single female in the group yet they decided to give me one. It’s a beautiful flower why refuse? LOL


Anyway, it ended good, having the time to chat with some “kababayans” that I never had a chance to do. I need to do this often to boost my self-esteem.


  1. Hi Yannie, thanks for the visit I do appreciate it. It's only when I get to US too na yung always tayong kumakain nang isda at gulay eh mas mabuti pala. Kaya crave to the max tayo. ^_^

    1. Kaya nga kahit mahal gulay dito at hindi fresh, binibili na lang. hehe

  2. hoping that you'll be able to go out more often para di masyadong mahomesick ;)


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