Who Cut the Tulips?

I made a blog post about the little buds that were slowly growing and spring time finally arrived last April 11. And early this month the tulips started to bloom. As my first year here in Ca, I am excited to see flowers that I only saw in photos and tulips are one of those.

We have a bed of tulips along the driveway at home and each flowers that bloom gives us excitement especially that it comes in different five colors.

But today as we arrived from a 6 hour drive we discovered that all flowers were gone. We are all upset especially when we saw the flowers  and petals scattered on the road. Some are stamped by feet that looks like the one who did it have so much hatred with the flower. One tulip was even uprooted!


I would feel better if they cut it and give to somebody to cheer up a person. But seeing the petals in the road is disappointing.

I found three cut flowers that are still good and put in a glass with water. Somehow we can see the beauty of it for more several days.


Who cut the tulips? It remains a mystery for us…



  1. What a shame that anyone would destroy things, but especially just pretty flowers. People can be so cruel at times.

  2. Such a sensational entry for Pink Birthday!

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    I am now your follower.

  3. sad to know that they're destroyed. tulips are beautiful flowers. hope they won't get destroyed next time around.
    was here for PF. have a nice weekend!

  4. how sad:( they shouldn't do that. they must hate the world so much to destroy those pretty flowers:(

  5. sad :( I love tulips pa naman...

  6. I love tulips...they are pretty flowers :-) Returning from Pink Fridays

  7. Kids maybe?

    Thanks for joining Color Connection. The linky is up now for this week, so come and link up once again.


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