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Early July of this year I received a phone call from my bank informing me about insurances and if I am willing to enrol in their accident insurance. As a depositor of the bank I have complimentary insurance from them. The call agent tries to read to me all the terms and conditions of the insurance which is hard to absorb and understand everything what she was trying to convey. By saying yes or okay it means I agree with it. Although I said okay I insisted that I have to read the terms and conditions first. So the agent sent me all the copy of the terms and conditions as well as the certificates of insurance.

To my surprise they were four insurances sent to me including the complimentary insurance. When I read it was clearly stated that my chequing account was automatically deducted for my payment of the insurances. True enough when I check my account it was already deducted. I know the importance of insurance but I felt the burden of paying it so I canceled it.

Lesson learned: I should listen to what the agent says, and if it’s not clear it’s still wise to read all the terms and conditions first before agreeing or I should go to the local branch of my bank to get clarification. And I should check other companies offering same insurances, to check if other companies has similar program with better packages.

Looking for insurances, like life insurance, house insurance, Auto Insurance, and other type of insurances is hard. Sometimes choosing the right insurance can be misleading just like what happened to me. Thus it’s important to do research and compare insurance companies first.

I know this is an overwhelming task but there are sites that can provide you the right insurance according to your preferences by undergoing their assessment like the Insurance Hunter for Ontario residents, an insurance brokerage. It is online thus it is accessible 24/7 in your convenience. Plus the process will take you only for minutes. For example if you want to find a company to get Car Insurance then the only thing you need is provide the answer in each question: your basic information, driver information and vehicle information. And they will provide you the insurance company that fits the result of your assessment. This is the best feature of Insurance Hunter, making your task of looking for best insurance easier. Try it for yourself and see the result.

Although I canceled the insurances from my bank, I still want to get insurance too. We don’t know what surprises may life bring and getting insurance ensures the future of our family. But this time I have to compare companies and get the insurance that fits to my preferences.

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  1. This happened to me once before. The moral of the story: it pays to listen. No matter how boring. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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