Cheers to a Great Father!

January 1 is not just an ordinary 1st day of the year but it is my father’s day too. It’s been two years since he celebrated his birthday without me and my sister I know he misses us as much as we miss him.

When I asked on the New Year’s eve about his plans on his birthday, his reply seems so lonely (I know there is no emotion in text messaging apparently he’s not using emoticon as well J) but I can feel it. Little did he know that my other siblings and their families were already in my brother’s place 1 kilometer away from my parents’ house preparing for a surprise birthday party for him.

He was surprised when they came home serenading him. They also prepare speeches which make the family emotional according to my mother. Although not complete as he wishes but they surely made his special day a memorable one. Hopefully, next year I’ll be home for his birthday.

Cheers to a Great Father!

To our role model, 
who never failed to give us teachings in life.

To our great provider, 
besides hardship in life you were able to 
find ways to give us what we need.

To our loving and caring father, 
you might not be showy to your feelings
 but don’t worry we know you love us.

To our great father.... 
my gratitude for everything.
Happy birthday and I love you!
... cheers to you!!!


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