My Shooting Experience

Okay, not the “camera action!” kind of shooting but shooting with a gun. Yup firing!

I never imagined myself holding a gun, because I am paranoid that I will hurt somebody. But last March 26 we decided to try it. At first I backed-out since I was so ill (I just went with the group because it’s BIL’s birthday) and it’s expensive like around $85 CAD for 45 bullets so did my sister and our friend. But then we decided to try it anyway since we are already in the shooting site and for the sake of experience.

I was telling my BIL that I will only try one shot then he’ll do the rest. At first it was scary like my palms are sweating. As soon as I used to the loud bang of it and holding the gun I just enjoyed it and the sickness I felt that moment was released. After I pulled the 45th bullet only did I realize my agreement with my BIL. LOL


Our friend and BIL on their real life PS3


My sissy all smile, but she’s honestly scared like me

Everybody had so much fun and pride as we bring our target – a piece of paper. My sister had the consistent shot but missed a lot of bullet. Mine is quiet scattered but I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss any bullets.


Signed by a sharp shooter, no other than – ME! LOL


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