Spring Cleaning Time!

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I’m surprised when I open the curtain this morning; our backyard is filled with snow again. Suppose to be it spring time already. Well, they said it’s normal.  I wonder if there is still snow in Rabbit Hill so that we can ski again. It is the highlight of our winter activities. I will just make a separate post about it.

For spring time I guess our first activity is to do spring cleaning. Albeit we’ve been cleaning the house everyday, but there are parts that was not done especially the outdoor. So this would be a lot of works to do. Without a guide we could miss cleaning some part. Thus we need to itemize and organize the spring cleaning activity.

I found a helpful article about Tips for getting your spring cleaning chores organized from Insurance Hunter, an insurance brokerage that helps you find auto insurance quotes. Here are some:

  1.  List all the chores that need to be completed.
  2. Categorize whether it’s indoor or outdoor. And organize according to priority.
  3. Make a time table; indicate the duration of each chore. Then mark the chore that has been done. Also it’s important to involve family members in this activity. Give them assignment according to their ability.
  4. Then reward everbody for their efforts.

In addition, make sure you have the cleaning tools and cleaning solutions before you start. Personally I opt for homemade cleaners than those chemicals we buy in the supermarket. Actually you can find DIY cleaning solutions in the internet. It’s cheaper, environment friendly and safer. 

Hope this will help you.


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