Sad and Tired?

Okay I’ve had enough! People just notice that I look so sad, tired and grouchy. I thought it was just me, that’s how I look. But then somebody said that I used to be warm.

I just can’t understand. I’ve had enough sleep 7 – 8 hours, although sometimes there are nights that I woke up in the middle of the night. But then why do I look so tired? I already consulted a doctor about it. But there are no findings. He didn’t even prescribe vitamins to boost my energy.

Sad? Not really. How can I be sad? I have a good relationship with my [okay] looong distance boyfriend. I have a wonderful family who give their support to me 101%. Speaking of my family, I truly miss them. Yes probably it’s the reason why I look so sad.

Perhaps, my colleague is right. I am over thinking of something. There are just too many things running in my mind right now, especially my future and my parents. I know I worried so much; I should stop thinking of things that is not even happening because I am missing days of my life where I should have use those times and days to enjoy life to the fullest.

I need to put smile in my face and show the colors inside me so as to brighten others. So quit being lonely!


  1. I also feel sad sometimes with no apparent reason.
    New reader here. Great blog!:)

  2. Hi Yan,

    You're not alone. But I think I am good in hiding my emotions when I am at work. Even if I have too many worries, I can still say that I am good (even though I am not), but then I guess, I have to feel good so that it won't affect my day at work. Anyway, cheer up and stay happy... oh, I should say that to myself too!


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